A plausible explanation for modern leftism

I have all these plans for blogging habits and organization and shit, and then stuff just sort of pops into my head that nukes my best-laid plans into irrelevance. So here’s an idea that showed up about ten minutes ago, fully formed, acting like a VIP.

Now, for once I’ve taken a modicum of care in my word choice. Leftism is a phenomenon literally older than dirt, and I will broadly describe it as the religious assertion that our petty actions can improve our earthly situation in a meaningful way. Mixed with varying levels of intelligence and patience, this can manifest in many recognizable forms.

The intelligentsia believe that with Science and Education we can enter a new Golden Age of Reason and Civility and Ideals With Capital Letters, Praise Be. Entrepreneurs tend to believe, against all evidence, that working really, really hard somehow entitles them to success. Et cetera.

A proper conservative and Christian, or shall we say cynic, rejects this idea and its manifestations as fantasies. To put it bluntly, we humans are not the ones in charge. We have far less to say about our individual and collective futures as cattle have about which direction they will be driven next. It would be indelicate and probably inaccurate to posit that we are being strictly farmed, but maybe indelicacy is the only way to communicate the magnitude of our potential energy, if not our exact position.

I do not understand the relationship between the physical world and the nonphysical. There are only a few statements I can make with low confidence from anecdote and intuition. 1) There is some weird shit out there and it is not calibrated to our sensibilities. 2) Shit’s extremely dangerous and often predatory, but there seem to be various safeguards protecting us. 3) Supernatural phenomena follow their own rules, we are very bad at understanding them, and they have physical consequences.

To illustrate, we are the child in this gif:

Reality is a messy business and we can’t do much anything about it. So what happens when you think you can change things? Well, I figure something like the following.

You set out to change something that irks you, maybe corporate culture or education or anti-white racism or some shit. I mean, things could be better, right? For surely. So you work, you learn the science, you propogandize, you try to convince people…if you’re not a fucking retard you learn pretty quickly that it’s a huge problem with real, human causes that you can’t change. Yeah, passive aggression, backstabbing, sociopaths rising to the top…all hardcoded genetics and not going away soon (and certainly not because you “raised awareness”).

Congratulations, you’re on your way to learning that you’re tiny, impotent, and probably ugly to boot. You can barely change yourself (which you’ve learned if you’ve ever tried). Best case scenario, you’re a healthy adult who can chip away at little, irrelevant bits that improve the lives of a couple dozen people (those people being the ones who probably needed help the least).

Butbutbut, you sputter, some great men attempt big things and succeed! Steve Jobs! Newton! Beethoven! Hitler, even!

Fool, these men merely kept their heads above the water as the tides rose and the waves rolled. Do you think Hitler succeeded against the odds? He rose to power because he was the sort of ruler the people wanted at that exact moment in history. Newton merely carried the correct meatputer to the correct university at the correct time and read the correct books and accidentally made friends with the correct mentors. The discovery of calculus was a biological accident. A coincidence of inputs. (Maybe it was divine intervention, although Leibniz’ codiscovery certainly suggests otherwise.)

I hope I am making myself clear on the point.

When we discover our impotence, we begin to despair. To hate the things we couldn’t change. My life was supposed to be different, a point of which my family and coworkers have not yet tired of reminding me. There were certain expectations, a culture I was supposed to accommodate, a lifestyle I couldn’t manage. Current theory holds that I am genetically or behaviorally unsuited for modern American uncivilization, or both. But at first, I tried to change myself to fit the American idea. Failure. I hated myself. So I tried to change the environment. When this failed, I hated my environment. Fuck American culture and fuck Americans.

The proper ending to this discord is to hate all the world, because only those who hate the world can follow Jesus. It’s a fascinating progression that would make for great literature and miserable living, but there you go.

Prosperity allows some people to short-circuit this process and become decadent in a certain way. Rather than hating all the world, as they should, they hate only the things they can see: other white people, their own country, their own culture, their own families. This is the source of leapfrogging loyalty. But why don’t they hate the rest of the world? Because in spite of their failures to change themselves and their close environments, they cannot accept the fact of their impotence. It is against their rebellious religion.

These are your modern leftists, your hamsterbating, nihilistic, puketastic SWPL overlords.

Holding on to this religious belief requires an epic exertion of post-facto dithering. The SWPL must donate to and advocate for causes with effects they can’t see, like feminism in the Middle East or political reform for Africans. So long as they can’t see the uselessness of their efforts, they are safe in their delusions of charity. They can continue to think that sending aid money to Nigeria is a good idea, rather than inhumane and murderous in the extreme.

(Which brings to mind another point. As powerless as we are, it’s easier to destroy than to create, and it seems we have the ability to accomplish a non-negligible sum of evil all by our lonesome selves. Maybe that is the intoxication of the thing, who’s to say? Ah, thinking about the human heart is not the healthiest hobby. Brings to mind certain interjections. Never forget that we are wicked, fallen creatures. Never.)


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