People probably think I’m paranoid on the subject. I spend time trying to decide whether I can prove that the people I cyberstalk aren’t plants (like the obvious ones, Alex Jones et al.).

Investigative reporter Marisa Taylor of the McClatchy newspaper group reports that a list of 4,904 individuals who purchased a book, DVD, or personal training on how to pass a polygraph test has been circulated to nearly 30 federal agencies including the CIA, NSA, DIA, DOE, TSA, IRS, and FDA. Most of the individuals on the list purchased former police polygraphist Doug Williams’ book, How to Sting the Polygraph, which explains how to pass or beat a polygraph test. Williams also sells a DVD on the subject and offers in-person training. In February 2013, federal law enforcement officials seized Williams’ business records, from which the watch list was primarily compiled. Williams has not been charged with a crime.

US Gov’t Circulates Watch List of Buyers of Polygraph Training Materials

On that note, let’s pretend Tex actually has a clinically tested IQ of 183, as he claims. I have observed the difference between a person like me and a person with an IQ of 100. Hominid theories be damned, it’s like we’re a different species. And this is, what? Maybe a 30-point difference? 35? And the difference seemingly becomes more pronounced as the numbers go up, so that the difference quotient for 70 IQ to 100 IQ is less steep.

Now let’s pretend he’s evil and recall that intelligent people are notoriously easier to deceive. All it takes is a little forethought and you can get them/us to believe all sorts of stuff. Can I fail to be deceived by an evil superintelligence? And do I not believe that such an entity exists, and temporarily rules the material world?

Hrm. It is a good thing I am not generally a confident person.


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7 Responses to Honeypots

  1. LizardKing says:

    No no no no no. Tex can’t be a Super Villain because he has no style. He has no theater, no hutzpah, no dramatic entrance, etc. Don’t you know the difference between a villain and a Super Villain?

  2. LizardKing says:

    Why thank you, good sir! Although, did not my unseriousness (not a word!) illuminate my point rather well?

    It’s all in the presentation. Sell ice to Eskimos, mate.

    Tex can’t do it. He just doesn’t have it in him. Oh, he tries, yes of course he tries. Like the thing where he said he overhead pressed like 20,000 pounds because he has mega-dense muscles like a sabre tooth cat. But all his attempts at salesmanship fall flat. Thus, you will trust him.

    • aeolipera says:

      I think your jokes only communicate your point when your audience is aware that they need to think about them. So yes, I think I understand your point most of the time. But I doubt you’ll ever have a large audience unless you really put forth the effort. And we both know how likely that is.

      I’ve noticed that as my opinions diverge from orthodox positions the Borg simply can’t tell when I’m joking anymore. They seem to think I’m playing the shock jock, and they laugh because I’m otherwise very WASPy. (But isn’t it true that the Nazis were right about a large number of things?)

      I think you’re further along in the process, being more strange than I am.

      • LizardKing says:

        I figured out how to respond to the comment instead of the post! Technology!

        You’re right, my audience is very limited when I act like this. Thankfully in meatspace I am able to act more seriously. My silliness somewhat acts as a filter and also somewhat acts as a shield to block my own personality. However, no matter what camouflage the chameleon may use, he is still the same lizard on the inside. This can good if the person is good, but very bad if the person is evil. Be wary.

  3. heaviside says:

    >And the difference seemingly becomes more pronounced as the numbers go up

    You think so? Do you have any examples in mind?

    • aeolipera says:

      Not any other than the one I mentioned, though I might be able to make a case. I’m thinking of the drunks I have to deal with at work, who have lost every facility except the ability to produce speech. This seems to be the primary function of the largish brain for homo sapiens sapiens.

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