Brief correction

As a side note, what is it with authoritarians and trains? Or iron? Or engineering? For some reason, central planners always want to build trains and smelt iron and they always think we need more engineers. It’s like a fetish, and nearly universal among progressives. What is up with that?

Capitalism in practice
Aeoli Pera

Heaviside, in particular response to this sidenote…

You’re thinking of the Old Left. I still have some respect for them, marxist-leninists, nazbols, etc. The Old Left is blood and iron. The New Left is chai lattes and cheap plastic.

You know, aspergics tend to like trains. I fucking loved model trains as a kid.

So, I was a Stalinist(man-of-steel-ist). I loved the idea of Soviet heavy industry(instead of consumer capitalism: the factory vs. the mall). I wanted to build trains and make them run on time.

The human is weak. We need to smash it and remake it. Iron heart, iron will, iron fist! We are the engineers of human souls!

Hitler said it was easy to convert a communist, but impossible to convert a social democrat. I went that route, even if I took a detour into Objectivism and anarcho-capitalism and voluntaryism and pacifism inbetween(wrong turn at Albuquerque). Even when I was a libertarian I would get a hard on watching videos of police brutality, even though I believed it was objectively wrong.


I stand corrected. You are certainly right on all counts, excepting the call to action (about which I can only say that I disagree).


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