I am a dumb person

This one took me a lot longer to figure out than it should have. As in diet, it is better to starve for reading materials than to read poisonous materials. Slampropp has been preaching the dietary version in the Neanderhall lately (at my suggestion, maybe?), so I think I need to pick up my cross and batter this into everybody’s heads.

I think this is more important than the dietary version. But I’ll need some time to flesh it out properly. Perhaps I’ve been spending too long thinking about how to reconstruct physics. It is better to stand on the shoulders of giants, but it is also increasingly clear that other people just can’t be trusted to tell me the truth about anything important.

Which is to say, it’d be a darn shame if Feynman turned out to be just another bullshitting Ashkenazim. A darn shame.


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