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Background, if necessary.

Dear Dr. Kjeldgaard,

Many of us are very sympathetic to your brave battles against Helmuth Nyborg, the Danish racist whom you have harassed over the last eight years. However, I would like to extend a warning to you. Are you sure that the government will deal with Dr. Nyborg in a proper manner? After all, while they might demand that Elsevier remove the Decay paper, they would be hard-pressed to silence Nyborg entirely. He can still publish material, even if the Decay paper is internationally withdrawn.

Therefore, I suggest you challenge Nyborg to a duel to the death.

Perhaps this seems like an odd suggestion to you. However, please hear me out.

You see, Dr. Kjeldgaard, your method of dealing with Nyborg – viz., whining to the government – may strike some people as cowardly or unmanly. Of course, Nyborg’s supporters will tell you that the non-cowardly, manly way to deal with him is through a productive scientific debate in academic journals. We both know that this is untenable, of course, since Nyborg happens to be supported by the evidence. That leaves only one way of dealing with Nyborg that does not make you look like a giant pussy: mortal combat.

Moreover, you are a Dane, and bloodlust therefore runs deep in your heart. Your Viking forebears are calling you to battle! Contemplate, if you will, the prospect of cleaving Nyborg’s skull in with a mace, taking his daughters to wife, and stealing all the food he has stored for the Scandinavian winter. Does that not get your blood pumping, Dr. Kjeldgaard?! If you slay Nyborg on the field of battle, all these will be yours!

I await your decision.

Yours sincerely, Elijah L. Armstrong
Open letter to Morten Kjeldgaard


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  1. aeolipera says:

    Thanks, I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

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