Martial arts (Grappling is for TTs)


I’ve been thinking about this lately because I want to get back into the fold. Well, except that I’m feeling a bit more picky this time around. I want to learn grappling and not striking. Here’s why:

-I already have the basics of striking from Tae Kwon Do and Karate. (They tend to make it unnecessarily complicated.) Plus, Eastern martial arts tend to drill the most retarded combinations, and sparring classes lack serious competition or contact for a healthy young man.
-TTs are temperamentally unsuited to offense or inflicting unnecessary damage. Grappling allows you to escalate the damage until the point of surrender or disability, after which you can let go if you feel like it.
-Striking relies on reaction and instinct (TT weaknesses), and grappling relies on intellect, training, and deliberation (TT strengths).
-Grappling is still relatively red pill; even with the popularity of MMA the average hooligan is still worthless in the clinch and on the ground (these require study and don’t factor into their “monkey dance” dominance displays, see MacYoung:
-Cameras and witnesses are everywhere. Submission holds and breaks and such are far easier to defend against legal action than striking.
-You can take this on my experience working downtown: there’s a big gray area of escalation between removing someone and fighting them. Striking is only tenable when things have already gone to shit.
-TT physiology is better suited to grappling than striking. We are generally lanky, have narrow shoulders (bad for punching) and large waists (good for grappling and kicking, and especially good for clinching), and are far better at putting on powerful slow-twitch muscles than fast-twitch muscles.

Here are some cons:

-Grappling is untenable against multiple opponents, especially when short-range weapons are present.
-It seems you can barely find BJJ or Judo schools anywhere in America. It’s Karate and TKD as far as the eye can see. They usually only exist in population centers :shudder:.
-You can’t study on your own. This really sucks, but you at least one other person of comparable build and skill. Maybe you can manage a little practice with a sex doll or something.

There’s basically only one possible school I can go to, but the initial signs are pretty good. Updates forthcoming, maybe.

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