Sleep hygiene


So far, drinking hot milk slowly while reading something light has proven the best way to put myself to sleep. Even better than masturbating, although doing both is often better. I’ve been doing this most nights instead of drilling on the guitar (although I recognize these drills are better after traumatic work nights). It takes me an hour or less to drift off, and it’s a very pleasant way to end my day. Light reading must be highly visual (heavy on description), easy and fun to read, and absolutely must NOT induce speculation or “thinking”. Thinking is the sleep killer. Best to leave it alone until daytime. So far I’ve reread Watchmen and the first four Chronicles of Narnia.

Note that this is a slight change from my previous philosophy, which is to go to sleep as quickly as possible.

I experimented with exercise before bed. Finally, the mainstream was right about something: Do NOT exercise before bed. No exercise after dinner or after work or within four hours of sleeping. Aside from the flood of dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, et al. (even for light exercise), your body goes into “war” mode. Why would you be exercising when you’re already exhausted from a full day’s work unless you’re on the hunt or the Western front is advancing? No good, peacetime mode is far better for building yourself up.

Penultimate thought, I can corroborate Aaron’s finding with respect to honey before bed. I’ve started mixing 1/2 tsp into my milk and my dreams have been more vivid and more sexual. The latter, especially, at first.

Need to order me some blue blockers.

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