BJJ notes

BJJ lesson 1

Kimora from the guard

You may use this technique from the guard if your opponent puts one or both of his hands on the ground. Assume that you will be attacking the opponent’s right arm in this scenario.

The most important part is the hip bump, which must be drilled in order to achieve explosive power and speed. Rock your torso back and forth to achieve momentum, then drop your left elbow to the floor. Drop your bent knees leftward, to the ground, and prepare to draw them under you as you stand up in a crouch (like a very low front stance with the left leg forward). Push with your left forearm, and then your left hand, and thrust your right hip into their chest as you take your feet.

Though it isn’t likely, your opponent may fall away from you, in which case you should take the mount. But it is likely they will push back, in which case you should shoot your right hand past your opponent’s right ear and wrap your bicep and chest around his right shoulder, hugging him close to your chest. Drop your weight backward and put him back in the guard while continuing to control his shoulder.

Grab his right wrist with your left hand in a baseball grip, then similarly grip your own left wrist with your right hand and draw his elbow to 90 degrees or less. Push your opponent’s wrist upward and toward the back of his head until he submits or you tear his shoulder.

Guillotine from the guard

This is a variation of the Kimora from the same position. If your opponent knows what you’re up to, he may preempt your hip bump by striking you with his shoulder. As you fall, take his neck in a guillotine with your hands clasped in a faux prayer grip and move your hips as far away from him as possible. Drop backward and re-establish your legs back into the guard position, locked as high up on his ribs as you can. This will give you leverage for the guillotine. Squeeze your legs and arch your back to apply the choke and crank his neck.

Variation on the guillotine from the guard

If your opponent is wearing a gi or a strong jacket, you can grab its collar with your choking hand and use your other arm to pin his free striking hand. You have to get your hand deep into the side of his collar, it isn’t enough to grab the front. Try using the hand you’re freeing up to feed the collar to your choking hand.

BJJ lesson 2

Warming up

Jog in a circle for three laps. Do another lap backwards, shuffle a lap one way and then the other, criss-cross for another lap and do another lap on the other side.


Lying on your back, put your left foot flat on the ground. Simultaneously roll onto your left shoulder and push off with the left foot, driving your butt and hips backward along the floor.

Drill this movement as part of your warmup. Set the goal of covering a certain distance, and then back. The more you move for each shrimp, the fewer you’ll have to do!

Elbow escape from the mount

This technique is fairly complicated and must be drilled for speed because your opponent has mounted you and will waste no time breaking your arm or choking you. First, guard your jaw and tighten your pointed elbows at your side so your opponent can’t make a bad situation worse by scooting his knees into your armpits.

Shrimp onto your left hip and shoulder as best as you can and slide your left knee under your opponent’s right shin. If you need to, pull on his pant leg with your hand to give yourself some room. Hook your right heel over his right ankle and push his right knee away from you. This will allow you to lock your left leg around his right thigh. Put your right foot back on the ground and shrimp to your right side, pushing on his left thigh and/or bicep if you need to (or simply to upset his position a bit more). The goal of this is to get your right knee through.

If you have succeeded in doing this, it is trivial to put him in the guard from here.

Basic upa and roll

If your opponent has the mount and grabs your collar on the right side with his right hand, it is the most natural thing in the world to block his forearm away with your left hand. You can free this hand up by reaching over the top of his elbow and pinning it to the right. Use your free left hand to grab the back of his collar and position your left foot to trip his right leg.

Then, push off with your right foot and roll him to your left. The trick to this is to rock your head and torso to the right (as if you were doing a twisting situp) so that he can’t lean on your torso for support. Finish by sitting up straight and putting your hands on his stomach. You are now in his guard and this is the proper posture.


Warm up with these first few steps: Hold your opponent’s collar with your right hand and the elbow of his gi with your left. Simultaneously step to his side with your left foot, pull his elbow down, and pull his collar up (turning him as if he were a steering wheel). Finish your step and kick your right leg past his ankle in preparation for the sweep.

When you are comfortable with this motion, do this drill again with the leg sweep. Draw a ‘J’ on the floor with your foot, sweeping his calf with your calf. While you are doing this it is extremely important to keep your body straight up, or you will fall with him. Instead of falling, you should drop your knee on his torso and keep holding his elbow, always keeping your spine straight up.


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