Exercise notes

Exercise notes

..To I-94 and back, long break in the middle


.Intro BJJ session, weights, chest and bicep
..Wide-arm pullupsx8
..Bench 135×8, 135×8, 135×6, 135×5
..Curl ??
..Incline 115*8 115*6 115*5
..Ab drags 45×8 45×8 45*8
..Dumbell fly 25*8 30*8 30*8
..Conc curl 20*7 20*5 20*5
Felt absolutely terrible. I am surprised and a little frightened at how weak I have become.

.Went to lift weights, cancelled to go jump start Gabby’s car (after which I left for work)

..To I-94 and back, no breaks


.First real BJJ class
..Elbow escape
..Upa and roll

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Maybe do this later?
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