Attack of the psychic transdimensional octopus, part 2

In response to this post at Vox Popoli, I asked Idle Spectator a question I’ve been meaning to ask Heaviside (they seem to have comparable IQs):

How long would it take you and a small group of similar minds to rebuild the various fields of physics from scratch and compare notes for consistency? What about mathematics?

I haven’t decided whether I’m only asking out of curiousity.

Some weirdo responded:

The devil finds work for idle spectators.

I was unable to think of a response to that. (It’s like being propositioned by a gay dude: flattering and creepy.) The devil is many things that I am not- superintelligent, particularly. And then I had one of my little insights. Half-relevant, we’ll say.

The secular powers that be have been rooting around for an “alien invasion” for us all to unite against in order to save the economy and end all wars except the Big One. And the single best candidate would be that superintelligent, transcendental alien overlord of humanity, Satan. In spite of being their very best possible choice for a number of reasons, this would be their very last choice of a nemesis. They’d rather pick God, in spite of the fact that this would ostracize hundreds of millions of fundamentalist Christians and Mohammedans everywhere. Would they achieve greater utility by bathing the world in the blood of these fundamentalists or by recruiting them as useful idiots?

I’m seeing some familiar patterns here. I think I’ve caught a glimpse of the master plan. My prediction is that all of this scheming is an attempt to unite the world in a war against heaven. (Never mind all that stuff about Megiddo, haven’t you heard that the Bible is full of contradictions because the telephone game?)

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3 Responses to Attack of the psychic transdimensional octopus, part 2

  1. heaviside says:

    Well, I had written out this big long private message to you least week but I hadn’t completed it to my satisfaction, and having just gotten back from visitng my relatives I don’t really want to return to it, so I’ll just give you a few points:

    A) Quantum field theory has been proven to be mathematically inconsistent(not even wrong), and nobody cares. (Haag’s Theorem)

    B) Quantum mechanics is not realistic, and I’ll be damned If I’m not an abstract realist. I’ll also be damned if any scientific theory can be considered complete until it can, in principle, answer any given question concerning material reality.

    C) Back before the end of the world, mainstream physicists were working on classical theories that unified the macroscopic phenomena of electricity and gravity, and sometimes had as their ultimate aim the explanations of microscopic phenomena by the same equations as well.

    D) There are lots and lots of connections between these three items, each other, and fringe science.

    People write about fictional worlds, like Tlon, why don’t they ever write about fictional physics? Why don’t people write alternative history novels of science? What would theories of caloric or heavenly spheres look like if they had been modified for centuries instead of abandoned?

    Is it because, should one construct a detailed enough, plausible enough, imaginative enough physics, “fictional” or not, it would automatically become real?

    Long is the legend of faith…

    Everything is freely invented: all historical persons and events. Similarities are purely coincidental. This is not a joke; the judicial realism of peer review forces this declaration.

    Freed in this way for the potrayal of persons and events, without the crampt four walls of the so-called “science” of this world, we are therefore free for an editorial review according to our own rules, in our self-chosen universe, and can send him, that unified field theory, at last, for trial by us, with the means available to us.

    Memories of our old universe in the black studio of our imagination.

    Dialogues of death, dialogues in the land of the dead. A hundred years afterward, a thousand years, millions.

    Everything again, all together. Remnants of a lost culture, and a lost life, of our Physics before its collapse. A farewell to the Occident, sub specie aeternatatis and everything on arXiv, our new chalice. The story of the death of the old lights in which we lived, and our culture a distant song. An artificial light now on the black inside of our retro sci-fi fantasies before our inner eye, the echo of Dirac in our ear growing more, and more, distant

    His last chance before its destruction, before the withdrawal of the Gods from this world, and the exit of the Gods out of this world.

    Our Weltkristalllehre, A Fairy Tale From Secret Germany

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m afraid longer is better when you’re talking down to someone. Would it bother you to send the incomplete private message for my enjoyment?

      I’ve read over this a couple of times and I expect to need a few more before I understand it entirely. Remember, you’re writing to a guy who spent a great deal of time convincing himself of the basic ideas of cardinality.

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