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Compy’s back

Unplug the cord, take the battery out, put ’em back, turn it on. Seems to fix everything anymore, which means the software people are taking the piss. I want to make a crack about hardware and Chinese manufacturing, but I’m … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

I didn’t get you anything. Polymath made a blog though.

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ESR on Duck Dynasty

Not that anyone cares, but I recently called the secular right on their silence in the face of ideological suppression. Well, ESR actually commented on it, expressing support for freedom of speech without reservation. Well done, sir. What else can … Continue reading

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Pulling an all-nighter for gun control

Have you noticed that TPTB always seem to be cramming stuff in to meet some illusory deadline? It’s like they all woke up in the middle of the night and were like “Oh shit, I forgot that gun control project … Continue reading

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Who cares?

Modern science is just a tool for bludgeoning ideological opponents. Studies! Metastudies! Consensus! Experts agree! By the way, coffee makes you live longer. I read a study. I’ll e-mail you the link. Or maybe it was shorter. Actually, I think … Continue reading

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Purposeful malnourishment

I can’t remember if I’ve ever come out and said this. TPTB put a lot of effort into malnourishing the various populations without seeming like they’re doing it on purpose. I’m not precisely sure why they do this, though I … Continue reading

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They are becoming very bold indeed

When Orson Scott Card was blacklisted, it was a bit of a surprise. He is a prolific, bestselling SF author with a huge fanbase among nerdy types. But okay, who cares about nerds or their money? Blacklist away. Duck Dynasty, … Continue reading

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Needa get me summa dat

Noopept, courtesy Lazer76 at the Neanderhall: Effect of the novel dipeptide nootropic agent noopept and its metabolite cyclo-L-prolylglycine on the transcallosal evoked potential in the rat brain The effect of new nootropic dipeptides–noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine, GVS-111) and its metabolite (cyclo-L-prolylglycine)–and a … Continue reading

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The sublime aesthetic (part one)

I intend for this to be a brief introduction to a musical idea that is simple to recognize and difficult to reproduce. It already existed in my mind, but I’ve found a possible use for it as a mind virus. … Continue reading

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Lights out

Cross-posted. Nighty-night routine completely finished. I'm very satisfied with it. For one, I practice a certain amount of basic sleep hygiene, like avoiding caffeine and cardiovascular exercise before sleeping (10 hours beforehand and 5 hours, respectively). Lifting is less bad … Continue reading

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