Happy Thanksgiving

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not sold on the idea that all valuations are entirely subjective. This is the secular assumption upon which all modern economics is based, unless you’re a damned commie. Useful though this idea may be, it’s clearly imprecise at best. It assumes a universe where all decisions are purely based on psychology, which is purely biological, which is purely chemical, which is purely physical. Materialism: a useful idealization that describes physical noumena as if phenomena did not exist. Some of you out there have convinced yourselves that the universe we inhabit is one and the same as this innocent little thought experiment.

Make no mistake, biomechanics is certainly a factor in our consciousness, but Koanic’s proof suggests (and my intuition agrees) that there are objectively beautiful things.

I thought about this over Thanksgiving because I was wondering whether it makes sense to thank God for incidentally good things, like good weather. I concluded that our ability to appreciate good things is supernatural (as is the capacity to be thankful). Further, many things like “good weather” are purposefully designed, as Tex will tell you without hesitation. So we could thank God for our capacity to appreciate good weather and beauty (insofar as it is a conscious phenomenon and not the sum of many natural noumena), and in many cases it isn’t ridiculous to thank him for these things outright because they are designed.

So we might as well be thankful in the plebian fashion and save ourselves the trouble. But then, intellectual masturbation is a lot of fun sometimes (for which I’m thankful).

Here are ten things I’m thankful for:

1. A loving creator
2. My spiritual savior
3. A habitable planet
4. Peace and prosperity during my lifetime so far
5. A family that is very supportive within the bounds of what I can reasonably expect
6. Living in a whitopia
7. My job
8. My relatively functional car
9. My health, physical and mental
10. Intellectual masturbation (and other habits that make social isolation highly enjoyable)


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