Some loci I’ve discovered accidentally

Strange what people take away. I put this up as a throwaway comment at the Neanderhall, and people seem to think it’s useful. So I’m sharing over here, too.

This sort of thing depends on Illuminatus’ observation that muscle tension and mental clarity are inextricable. By relaxing your mind you can relax your muscles and vice versa, and you can’t relax one without relaxing the other.

The locus for the intellectual ego seems to be in the upper forehead. If you can relax the muscles up there it’ll turn off your internal monologue, and perhaps vice versa. It should feel like you don’t even have a forehead (simulates the 45-degree slope?). The easiest way I’ve found to do this is in the shower- just turn the heat up and direct the stream at your forehead until it stops itching (this is because all supporting muscles must also be relaxed).

Couple of other loci I’ve discovered by accident: the personality is in the face, increase tension when you need more egocentrism, personality, and extraversion. Optimism is in the muscles directly below the eyes (top and inside of the cheeks). Relax these if you need to look at the world more realistically.

Edit: Just realized these are the muscles you use to “smile with your eyes”. So there you go.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that our emotions seem to be spread out over our backs and stomachs. (Romantic feelings, particularly, seem to manifest in the stomach and digestive tract. Can’t do much about this stuff because it relies on symbiotic bacteria and the immune system and such.) It seems that exercising your back muscles will make you emotionally tougher, but you have to be able to relax these muscles too. Otherwise you’ll be tensing up your back more than you would have done otherwise. And I’ve found that relaxing my back muscles has required a lot of practice and patience.


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3 Responses to Some loci I’ve discovered accidentally

  1. LizardKing says:

    “Optimism is in the muscles directly below the eyes (top and inside of the cheeks). Relax these if you need to look at the world more realistically.”

    Yep yep yep. Definitely.

    I wish I could think of some that I’ve found. I find that I do it naturally most of the time. Just take a deep breath man, relax. Relax those ab muscles, no one trying to club you in the gut.

  2. heaviside says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I have figured out how to emulate melon-front…

    …but it takes conscious effort, and Gustave Le Bon teaches us that it’s only the persistent lunatics that can take over crowds.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t know whether it is possible to emulate another personality type without effort. If you are trying to take over a crowd, why not be the sort of lunatic you already are? All you need is to focus your efforts on the crowd that already controls the crowd you want to control. Surely you can devise a means of accessibility.

      But a very short brainstorm shows it is at least partially possible to consistently emulate another personality. A highly supportive environment can give anyone delusional self-confidence (think of the long-term effects of cheering crowds and extreme wealth). Thal-fronts are clearly capable of giving up their truth focus in favor of other values.

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