Some potential physiognomy dimensions

Promised myself I’d put up three posts this morning. Cross-posting will have to do.

Should have noticed this about a year ago. Here are some possible dimensions to add to the physiognomy:

Occipital: Unfocused, positive, optimistic, materialistic
Parietal: Focused, negative, pessimistic, idealistic
Deepsock: Focused, negative
Shallowsock: Unfocused, positive
Low ratio: Focused, materialistic, pessimistic
High ratio: Unfocused, idealistic, optimistic

These are natural tendencies, not actual. Bigocc tends to produce a negative worldview through jaded cynicism, though its natural tendency is optimism.

Negative means a person looks for things to tear down, positive means you look for things that don’t exist yet. So there’s a bit of overlap between positive and idealistic that I’m trying to disentangle.

Also, I made a couple of comments worth reading at VP and AG, although the second was certainly off-topic. Off-topic is how I roll.

Another quick linky-link from Mr. Armstrong, HP Lovecraft’s Ratio IQ. That’s a new idea for me.

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