Unraveling the clusterfuck

…that is higher education. It’s starting to make more sense how American universities are starting to take on absurd characteristics.

Koreans score high, both in South Korea and in the US, but their educational system is absurd. Here is Ripley’s believe-it-or-not tale of Eric’s first-ever class period in Korea:

“A third of the class was asleep. Not nodding off, but flat-out, no apology sleeping with their heads down on the desks. One girl actually had her head on a special pillow that slipped over her forearm. This was pre-meditated napping.”

What’s going on? Most of Eric’s classmates spend from 8AM to 9PM at school, primarily test prepping, then go to private hagwon cram schools until curfew at 11PM. They nap through the day on the assumption that school is less important than evening test prep:

“He had found one possible explanation for Korea’s PISA scores, and it was depressing. Kids learned a lot, but they spent a ridiculous amount of time doing so.…He was astounded by the inefficiency of it all. In Korea, school never stopped.”

Ripley doesn’t mention another reason Koreans tend to score well on tests: organized cheating. For example, a recent SAT test was called off because the test booklet was being sold in Korea for thousands of dollars.

PISA, Piece by Piece
Steve Sailer
Taki’s Magazine

This could just as well have been describing the engineering track at your local high-end state university. These are becoming infested with test-prepping, cheating Asians. Don’t get me wrong, these kids are really bright. I’ve known a couple. And in STEM more than anything, practice makes perfect. But they don’t think for themselves much, and they aren’t much good at combinatorics or statistical reasoning (two small math subtasks that really benefit from intuition).

I’m thinking of Tong Tong (or whatever) and Johan, two 18-year-old geniuses who were both in my Diff Eq class and my probability class, the same summer semester. Tong Tong was crackerjack at calculus and struggled in probability, Johan did pretty well in both, and I had them both in probability. Of course, I had a 3-year head start. Always a subgenius, never a genius.

I don’t think European dominance in the sciences is a historical fluke, either. The most obvious explanations for white overaccomplishment are 1) higher deviation and more geniuses at the high end (especially obvious right now in music and computer science), 2) the combined presence of the Ashkenazim and neanderthal strains, and last 3) an academic culture that accepts and encourages people to share information freely (as opposed to a culture where information is a power to hold closely).

Reasons one and two may actually be related if Heaviside’s phrenology is any indicator. Seems at present that T-backs are your two sigmas, M-backs are your three sigmas, and dual backs are your four sigmas (as long as you’re getting enough sleep and meditation). I tend to think of four sigmas as “third-order” geniuses, whereas Euler, Newton, Ramanujan, von Neumann and company are the first order. Anyone in between (five sigmas, they tend to look like Stephen Wolfram) is second-order.

Incidentally, this means that if our goal is to produce more four sigmas, white TTs should start breeding with Ashkenazi and Asian MTs and MMs.

I’ve gotten a ways off the path I was planning. Back to illustrations of my observation that demographics quickly dominate academic culture:

In contrast, Finnish education is famously laid-back. It’s the anti-Korea. This Nordic country is the closest thing to a real-life Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average. Students don’t start first grade until age seven, aren’t given enormous amounts of homework, aren’t tested often, and don’t test-prep much at all. Finland doesn’t pay schoolteachers all that much in money, but they are respected, both in the culture and (crucially) in the classroom.

Finnish teachers are instructed to keep the left half of the bell curve up to speed so they don’t drag down the class, while the smarter kids are expected to read ahead in the textbook on their own. Whether this would work in the US, where the bell curve is wider and the students less disciplined and cooperative, is another question.

But the Finns have a system that works well for Finns, and good for them.


Finns are as WASPy as they make ’em. And this is true of all the red pill stereotypes, including that extreme racial sensitivity that was so easily manipulated into a self-genocidal tendency. I’d love to see the wiring for that. Insofar as TTs can exist tolerably within a Prussian school, they probably do best in Finland.

Before I call it a day, let’s look at how other types of schools follow racial stereotypes.

First-order tech schools: MIT, Caltech, and similar. These were probably a safe place for white and jewish MTs, once upon a time. But I suspect that by now they are so ineffably Asian that only the professors are still white.

First-order Jewish schools (Ivies): Harvard, Yale, etc. Once bastions of Finny-looking WASPs (see Murray), anything that can be said about the Jewish academic culture is indubitably true here. Not to put too fine a point on it, that means a lot of nepotism, idealist open-borders nonsense for thee (not for me), bald-faced lying, and economics and law students.

First-order state schools: MIT writ small in STEM, Harvard writ small in the soft stuff.

Second-order state schools: Cro magnon has begun his invasion anew, and there are a lot of them. Therefore, these are now known as “party schools”. Business majors and sports programs predominate, everyone else suffers. These get more common toward the southern border.

Third-order, university-shaped places: The other side of the bell curve. These focus primarily on remedial education for the NAMs and duller whites (who likewise tend to have rounder, vertically compressed faces).


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8 Responses to Unraveling the clusterfuck

  1. heaviside says:

    >Finns are as WASPy as they make ‘em.

    You mean finngolians, right?

    You don’t even know how many sigmas I have. Think of that management fad Neutron Jack was a fan of.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s true, I’ve only guessed. But one in a billion is quite a claim, and you’ve acknowledged that such a claim may be a form of trolling in one of your subcultures. Evidence against.

      I haven’t yet assessed your relationship with the truth. It is at least nontrivial. Weak evidence against.

      You are observably brighter than me, and you often sound like a crazy person (but you aren’t a crazy person). As in my argument for Cleve, this is evidence in your favor.

      My strongest evidence in your favor, having expected me to read a Differential Geometry book in two weeks, turned out to be a misunderstanding on my part. You asked about the Riemann for Anti-Dummies article, and I misunderstood you and answered wrt the book.

      I doubt you’d have the patience for corresponding with me in any way. It’s not uncommon for extremely intelligent people to seek companionship among comparative idiots, and I do occasionally punch above my two-sigma weight into three sigma territory, but we’re talking about a world of difference here. Evidence against.

      Last, I was unable to track any of the Giga society members to your locale. Admittedly, I only spent a few minutes. I would expect such an intelligent person to seek companionship to help deal with the extreme loneliness. Weak evidence against, although your location is of the sort we’d expect to produce such a person.

      So that’s where I’m at. For now I’ll have to stick with my prediction of four sigma.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I should add some strong evidence in your favor. The breadth of your physics is staggering to the point that it might hint at genius higher than four sigmas. But I’d need to know how old you are, and also devise a method of estimating IQ from your broad knowledge base.

  2. heaviside says:

    >I don’t think European dominance in the sciences is a historical fluke, either. The most obvious explanations for white overaccomplishment are 1) higher deviation and more geniuses at the high end (especially obvious right now in music and computer science), 2) the combined presence of the Ashkenazim and neanderthal strains, and last 3) an academic culture that accepts and encourages people to share information freely (as opposed to a culture where information is a power to hold closely).

    The reason why all other cultures fail is because they have shitty music and shitty art and shitty philosophy. I bought the 4th volume of the World of Mathematics at a thrift store once, and in it was Oswald Spengler’s essay on numbers ( http://www.unz.org/Pub/NewmanJames-1957v04-02315 ), which is absolutely right.

    There is one objection to Guns, Germs, And Steel which I’m disappointed nobody raised, because it’s the most interesting one. Diamond makes several arguments that, according to a scientific analysis, non-Western peoples were geographically disadvantaged in the struggle for world power. However, nobody dared to ask that if, perhaps, a non-Western civilization had achieved world political and cultural hegemony, that according to their science, different from our own, it would be Westerners who had been hopelessly disadvantaged, and that it would be nearly impossible to domesticate wheat and cattle (instead of hippopotami and cassava or whatever).

    You can’t have Thermodynamics without Brahms. That’s why my namesake says, “Waves from moving sources: Adagio. Andante. Allegro moderato.”

    Western culture is dead, and physics died with it. All that’s left now is fairy tales and musings about what could have been.

    Dialogues in the land of the dead.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Again, I think you have it. Very recently, I PMed the venerable reptilian monarch saying that TT genetics, being recessive and resilient, may be brought into higher expression if we focus on seeding a culture that will eventually feed them.

      Koanic’s New Sparta may work for MTs, although I happen to think they’ll be immediately crushed by waves of saps.

      • Lizard King says:

        I tend to like this idea. But you’d have to write a big fucking book to give to your children to explain why they should do what you did. It would be pointless if it stopped at the first generation and, who knows, you may not be around to explain everything to them.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          You’re mistaken. My children, if I ever have any, will probably not be TT. The cultural virus would have to be robust and extremely infectious to TTs. Something like Lord of the Rings, basically.

      • Lizard King says:

        Aha! Even better! A splinter in the mind. Buried treasure. Hidden in plain sight for those with the eyes to see it.

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