More education research blah blah blah

Aside from an underlying philosophical difference, Steve Sailer and I agree on most matters pedagogical. (He thinks school is a good thing gone rotten and I think it’s a rotten thing and people are just making the best of it.)

A huge problem with educational reform efforts is that they are typically designed by people who have high confidence in their own fluid intelligence relative to the average.

Yeah, and my emotional intelligence is really high. So I’m actually just as smart as Heaviside if you, like, think about it really deeply. My fluid intelligence is probably high too because I can, like, feel things with my intuitive wharrgarble. That means we’re really peers.

Therefore, we should give women, children, retards, felons, and chimpanzees equal voting rights.

In contrast, the military tends to assume that everybody is an idiot who will find a way to screw up massively and probably get himself and large numbers of people around him killed, so it’s best to break things down into simple steps so soldiers can rely upon crystallized intelligence rather than fluid intelligence.

If you’ve lived a day in your life you’ve probably noticed that smart people are also idiots who will find a way to screw up massively and get a bunch of people killed. Combine this with the sort of extreme segregation- race, creed, ability, gender, age- that is only possible in homeschooling and you have the best educational philosophy on the market.

Edit: I never really elucidated my point. It’s hiding in the paragraph after the first quote; that is, inferiority complexes cause a lot of problems.

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