The sublime aesthetic (part one)

I intend for this to be a brief introduction to a musical idea that is simple to recognize and difficult to reproduce. It already existed in my mind, but I’ve found a possible use for it as a mind virus. I’m getting ahead of myself again.

There are, to my feeble mind, two long-term strategies for successfully preserving the genius of the white European in future generations. I currently believe this genius is due to his occasional possession of an occipital bun (gifting him with extraordinary inner vision) and his obsession with truth rather than dynamic social realities (always at great personal cost).

(Hang on, I hear a horn blowing…Never mind, it’s a school bus. Yet another false alarm!)

The first strategy is to interbreed him with other populations, adding such desirable traits as high foreheads and large parietal lobes that are highly adapted to the navigation and dominion of R-selected breeding environments. (I would also prefer to seek out wide foreheads- from which Aristocles received his nickname: Plato- and large temporal lobes.) This strategy is essentially the creation of a new race that will carry our racial memory close to its heart-monitoring brain stems.

The second strategy is to rally the dreamers by seeking them where they can be found, drinking deep from pools that reflect reality in strange forms that mesmerize, seeming more real than reality itself. I am talking, of course, about fairy tales. Of all the mind viruses created by men, is there one less infectious to the dreamers than The Lord of the Rings? Here is a world where you can see good in all the colorful virtues of tilled earth and brave lords among men and ancient forests, and you can see evil in its monochrome idiocy and overwhelming bigness.

But for all its immensity and gloom, we may summon our courage and draw swords to fight and die gloriously. Not so, the constant stream of jabs and social niceties and political correctness and goose-stepping Gramscian marchers.

The problem, of course, is that dreamers can pop up anywhere. The genes are recessive, particularly in women, and no society of them can survive the dominant genes of their natural predators: parasites, socialites, liars, and climbers.

These two strategies are not at all exclusive. In fact, one transitions neatly to the next.

It is characteristic of the dreamers to engage in extreme paternal investment in their young. This is, indeed, the mark of human civilization (I typically allow my readers to do their own Googling, but I’ll make a concession here: It also occurs to me that we Numenoreans are in the process of doing exactly what I would have advised in the androsphere.

Game, paleo, bodybuilding, MMA, Austrian economics, intelligence research, koanic powerleveling (Cyborganize? We’ll see.), conservative nationalism, I could go on but suffice it to say the corpus is nearly complete. As fathers, we merely need to teach our sons the truth and give them the strength to throw out the liars.

Knowledge is power, therefore we should bequeath truth to them. True knowledge unadulterated by lies, which weaken and enslave us. With knowledge to strengthen them, they will have power to throw off lies and banish the liars, and the truth will set them free.

Ah yes, music. Next time.

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3 Responses to The sublime aesthetic (part one)

  1. Polymath says:

    I’m not sure I like the idea of “augmenting” the white race with beneficial traits from other races. Chances are, you’ll add in bad traits along with the good. It could have unintended consequences.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Certainly. Intelligence already enables a host of maladaptations that would otherwise die off. For instance, ever notice white people in aggregate are a bunch of deluded retards?

  2. Obadiah says:

    >”brave lords among men”


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