They are becoming very bold indeed

When Orson Scott Card was blacklisted, it was a bit of a surprise. He is a prolific, bestselling SF author with a huge fanbase among nerdy types. But okay, who cares about nerds or their money? Blacklist away.

Duck Dynasty, on the other hand…I hear that’s a big thing.

Keep in mind that Duck Dynasty is not the highest rated show on A&E. It is not the highest rated cable reality TV show.It is not the highest rated unscripted cable show for this year.

It is the highest rated non-fiction cable show of all cable shows of all time.

But men will not chase lucre when their idols command them, even when they are false idols. The next time someone claims the media glorifies filth and denigrates decency because it merely gives the public what it wants and has no ulterior Leftwing ideology behind, ask him about this example.

John C. Wright
Chik-Fil-A Day for Duck Dynasty — Call Your Cable Company

The whole thing is worth reading, and less rambly than usual. Vox’s take is here: part one and part two.

Notice something else: the right-wing secularists are silent. Roissy? ESR? Steve Sailer? Bueller?

All I hear is crickets.

They built their houses on the sand, and when the howling wind signifies the sound and fury of the rising waters they will be washed away without even a note of protest. What could they say? That reducing all humanity to homogeneous LCL is somehow bad?

Why, you’d need to believe in some sort of nonmaterial arbitration for that sort of thing. Yes, I suppose the primitives among you could call that “God” or “gods”. But we’re far too rational, too modern for all that. We all know that Tash and Aslan are one and the same (because neither exists and zero equals itself, haw haw, aren’t we clever?).

But there’s certainly something frightening going on inside that little shed. Recall what happened to clever Ginger the cat when he saw Tash: he was literally frightened out of his wits and lost the power of speech, becoming a dumb cat like any other.

Pay attention Steve, because that’s you. The Calormene ships have already surrounded Cair Paravel, and the time to play on both sides is running out.

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3 Responses to They are becoming very bold indeed

  1. heaviside says:

    I somewhat doubt they won’t bring him back; look at Mel Gibson.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s optimistic, I think. Mel Gibson brought himself back with a stubbornness that I envy, not to mention a nest egg. Duck Dynasty might produce themselves on YouTube or something, but they won’t be back on A&E. This decision is symptomatic of useful idiots in high places, not calculation. Useful idiots do not back down, though they may perhaps be replaced. But the powers that be are less puppeteers than they are visionaries and technologists. I think they care not at all about small, embarrassing illustrations of philosophical decadence. They are more concerned with making this the new normal.

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