Purposeful malnourishment

I can’t remember if I’ve ever come out and said this. TPTB put a lot of effort into malnourishing the various populations without seeming like they’re doing it on purpose. I’m not precisely sure why they do this, though I have a couple of theories. But this is obviously the most descriptive theory- provided you notice that the traditional dichotomy between malice and incompetence only applies in a couple of special cases.

The reasoning is simple: people who succeed in a competitive environment tend to be statistical outliers. And nothing is more competitive than the quest for power. Anyway, here’s a single illustrative example:

The BBC is reporting that China has rejected 545,000 tons of U.S. corn that was found to contain an unapproved genetically modified strain. Although China doesn’t have a problem per se with GM crops (they’ve been importing GM soybeans since 1997) — but their product safety agency found MIR162 in 12 batches of corn. ‘The safety evaluation process [for MIR162] has not been completed and no imports are allowed at the moment before the safety certificate is issued,’ said Nui Din, China’s vice agricultural minister. The Chinese are now calling on U.S. authorities to tighten their controls to prevent unapproved strains from being sent to China after the first batch of corn was rejected in November due to MIR162.

China Rejects 545,000 Tons of US Genetically Modified Corn
Slashdot summary submitted by hawkinspeter

If you’re the cynical sort you might applaud the idea of shipping inferior food to the rising hegemony to weaken their human resources. Just keep in mind that the elites in Washington, New York and Los Angeles all consider America their common enemy.

Edit: It seems this is also the logic for phasing out incandescent light bulbs and replacing them all with fluorescents. No way this massive phaseout makes economic sense, as if elites were concerned about conserving money or energy.

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