Pulling an all-nighter for gun control

Have you noticed that TPTB always seem to be cramming stuff in to meet some illusory deadline? It’s like they all woke up in the middle of the night and were like “Oh shit, I forgot that gun control project is due this year! Bro, how we gonna get this thing done?”

The sensible way to get lemmings to march off of cliffs is to beat the drum slowly. Do a little bit of work every day, and the project gets done with no panic attacks. But these morons can’t even handle a Gramscian march when they have libraries full of playbooks and textbooks. And there’s always office hours, AKA when Satan really needs a blowjob after dealing with that North Korean clown or something. (Hint: great time to ask for favors!)

Speaking of Satan, you ever wonder why transcendental superintelligences do this stuff? It seemed the five angels of the God Hand in Berserk offered such “feasts” (as we, ourselves, expect soon) for aesthetic reasons alone, so that “prophecies” became something like Google calendar for demented culinary students. Maybe aesthetics aren’t so subjective after all.

The void, artist’s depiction.

We know the schedule, but the clowns won’t leave us the dignity to pretend we aren’t a bunch of cowards who can see it coming.

Robert Cameron Redus was shot dead by officer Carter at 2 a.m. for nothing more than making a sarcastic remark toward the officer who pulled him over for speeding.. According to the police report, local KSAT News explains that witnesses affirmed that the cop literally “emptied his gun” into the student without warning.

“I didn’t hear him say anything like, ‘Get down on your hands and knees,’ you know?” one witness explained, “I didn’t hear him say anything. He just started shooting. He emptied the gun on him… Boom, boom, boom.Six shots — five or six.”

Mohammad Haidarasl also witnessed the murder, saying that Redus’ last words were “Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?”

Redus couldn’t believe officer Carter would actually go that far, but Haidarasl added that the cop kept yelling “Stop resisting, stop resisting,” even though it was clear Redus was offering no physical residence, only sarcastic comments.

Haidarasl knew Redus, living right below him. He was “the nicest guy,” Haidarasl said. Other students described him as “kind, intelligent, compassionate and well-loved within the community.” In fact, no one had anything bad to say about him, except for the officer that murdered him in cold blood.

“He was not an aggressive person at all, so the story doesn’t make sense,” one student who wished to remain unnamed said.

Carter has claimed that shortly after he stopped Redus, “a struggle ensued” between himself and the student.

Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully
Political Blind Spot


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2 Responses to Pulling an all-nighter for gun control

  1. Lord help us all.

    I hope any and all “good cops” get out while they can. If there’s ever an uprising, the cops, their families, and their friends will be all caught up in it.


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