Compy’s back

Unplug the cord, take the battery out, put ’em back, turn it on. Seems to fix everything anymore, which means the software people are taking the piss. I want to make a crack about hardware and Chinese manufacturing, but I’m still American and there’s not much I can say about manufacturing. Pretty sure the software problems are due to American negligence, too.

Anyway, here’s some music to keep ya going, courtesy of the Grimoire blog:

(Hmm, Soundcloud and WP are not playing nicely. Go here, page down once, and play “Piano Concerto no. 1 exerpts” for some video gamey goodness.)

That’s Ellsworth Hall, a professional composer of incredible depth and breadth. Here’s a bit of his prog rock. Er…try to ignore the first 45 seconds, or just skip it. Geniuses have some weird ideas.

What a bunch of goofballs. I love it.

Mr. Homeschooling Dad there is pretty killer on the keyboard, not that I know anything about keyboarding. But seriously, I looked at this guy’s face for two seconds and I already have no doubt his kids are homeschooled. I don’t even feel the need to research it, because it is as certain as the fact that stuff falls when you drop it:

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4 Responses to Compy’s back

  1. edenismstudy says:

    Ha, I totally agree about the homeschooling thing. What a fun video. Hard to say whether or not they’re ironically making fun of cheesy fantasy stuff. Post-irony?

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