Action plan

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Now that the engine is idling and about to get into first gear, the time for words is nearly over. I’m a Christian, you’re hopefully a Christian, so our desire and duty is to serve the son of God. Problem is, he took a leave of absence and didn’t say when he’d be back. The intelligentsia are saying he is silent because we killed him. (That was the whole point of Bo Bunham’s comedy show “wut” that is so popular on Netflix right now.) Shows what good intelligence does ya. Smartest hamster of the litter is still a hamster, as Fred Reed puts it.

He’ll be back, guys. just be patient for like, two minutes.

We still have a lot of actionable material to pull from. The point of the Old Testament is to do what Jesus says, and show what happens when we don’t. It’s not a difficult concept. We go to such lengths to pretend we don’t know what Jesus says, thankfully someone wrote them down. But his teachings are difficult to follow. Turn the other cheek? That’s no way to get ahead. Goodness gracious, that was never the point! Treasure in heaven people, treasure in heaven.

So your first plan of action is to get ready for death. This is no doubt a horrifying prospect if you have kids. Parenting was always a risky business, doubly so in tough times, but a necessary one at that. With war upon us I’m starting to see the appeal of infant baptism. Anyway, get used to the idea that your family might die, or you might die and leave your family in a dangerous situation.

It has always been the modus operandus of evil to point a gun at the people you love most and offer you a simple deal. Do not renounce God or he will renounce you.

We need to get our spiritual lives in order before anything else. After that, maybe some practical advice.


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