Some practical stuff

I hear the people who survive this sort of nasty business are the ones who have the capacity to stay mobile. There’s also Tex’s strategy, which actually makes more sense if you consider the weapons that might come out. But the hoarder/prepper solution only makes sense if you’re sociopathic enough to shoot ALL trespassers and no one else knows where your stuff is. Otherwise, they’ll get you as a mob or find some pitiable orphan and send them in to open your gates.

A good general resource is SHTF school. Funny, the most recent post is about losing your loved ones. Psychological stuff, overcoming rage, all meaningless. Find your comfort in Jesus or kill yourself.

Anyway, be prepared to go mobile. Practice bag drags and do bugout drills. Make your car ready for short periods of transient living in case you need to hide out or head to a relative’s place for a little while. Apparently, there are entire subcultures based on the idea of living out of your car. I can’t vouch for any of the websites, so you’ll just have to Google it yourself.

Note: don’t go to a relative’s house if someone’s looking for you, personally. That’s dumb. This advice includes pursuit by authority figures. Warn your relatives, though, because they will become targets for information. We’re probably not talking Jack Bauer torture shit, because you’re probably not all that important. But maybe legal pressure or basic detective work. “Is X here?” “Naw, he’s staying at his aunt’s, why?”

For now, assume that most of the lower stuff on Maslow’s pyramid will remain post-scarce. You won’t need me to tell you if/when food is getting scarce, or potable water. And scarcity being what it is these days, that’ll correspond with political hoarding. There will be signs before that happens, like all that FEMA nonsense. Scorched earth stuff will hopefully wait until after the hoarding, what with the shiny veneer coating the human psyche (that is, most of them don’t think of themselves as suicidal nihilistic kamikaze maniacs, Heaviside and Koanic excepted, as usual).


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5 Responses to Some practical stuff

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  2. heaviside says:

    The best defense is a good offense.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That assumes I want to “win”. But I’m indifferent to the idea, and I predict that this will give you a great feeling of contempt. Maybe you can temper that feeling with the knowledge that I still understand you better than you understand me, in spite of your superiority. That doesn’t have to be true, so that this strange conversation can only last for a short while.

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