Designing an auto repair curriculum

The 2020s will be an era of zombies- filthy, murderous creatures stealing everything they can get their paws on. Plan to be mobile and hidden, as much as practically possible. Population centers: bad, sparsely populated country with lots of trees to prevent visibility: good.

Mobility is dependent on your car. Simply buying another is a strategy for a prosperous society. Try to own something Japanese (or maybe German), and learn to fix whatever you do have.

From what little I know of automotive repair, I’ve guessed that the field consists of a small amount of general knowledge about cars and repair principles, and a very broad base of specific knowledge (procedures and model-specific details). This is great news for those of us with higher crystallized IQ than fluid IQ. Occipital buns for the win!

We’ll absolutely need two resources for your curriculum: the general introductory book and the manual for your car, specifically. I’m expecting the For Dummies book to work just fine as a quick intro. Looks like you can download the manual for your car for free here, after registering.

It’s easier to learn the broad-base stuff from YouTube videos than from a book, plus it almost eliminates the willpower expenditure, so I’d recommend finding a couple of good sources for these videos those early on.

I think it’s probably easiest to blow through the intro book as quickly as possible, then do a small daily reading. Something like one procedure per day, picking whatever perks your interest. The idea is to have a passing familiarity with the reference material so that you can use it more effectively when you need it. It’s the difference between “Is it safe to change my own brakes?” and “I think I can change my own brakes for around $X, if I have tools Y and Z and maybe four hours.”

I have no estimates for the time expenditures required for this curriculum. This is a pretty quick-and-dirty version, compared to a tech college course of 2 years.


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