We may have a timeline after all

No one believes me when I say Texas is looking to go blue in 2016. And maybe it won’t, at this point I can only say it’s around 50-50. But there is little doubt Texas will go blue in the 2020 election. This is assuming the immigration “reform” doesn’t accomplish suffrage for illegals, which will bring everything on quicker.

That’s a good place to start. Best-case scenario: 2021. Worst-case scenario: 2017.

I’ve already explored the consequences of all Republicans suddenly losing the ability to participate in the election of our Dear Leader. Couple that with the ever-worsening Great Depression 2.0 and we have a nasty situation on our hands. The longer this thing takes to get rolling, the bigger it’s going to be. Because of the, ah, proclivities of TPTB, I think they’ll try to stall until 2020, but that might be out of their hands at this point.

There are more variables, but I think we need to consider that there weren’t a lot of accidents in the making of this disaster. So the biggest variable is the intentions of the designers. I am assuming in this post that they are confident in their plans and don’t have any big surprises in store. (This is an approximation of what I believe.)

In short, 2016/2020 is going to be a madhouse year. If Texas goes blue, there will be a short period of shell-shock on the right and a flurry of activity on the left. The intellectual left knows what to do next and will simply give the orders they always wanted to give and their slaves will continue marching in lockstep as they always have. The right mostly consists of miseducated individualists and idealists. They will not be ready when the gloves come off.

2014 and early 2015 will comport themselves with an air of foreboding and nervous activity, perhaps even the appearance of genuine economic activity.

Those of you in Europe should note that the designers are globalists. It’s irrational, but they probably won’t trigger the catastrophes in your particular country until just before the American fireball.

Maybe after this the East will rise, I dunno.


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