Basic calories, water, nutrition, $25

I thought I had this one down, but I was thinking you could plug a pressure cooker into an auxiliary plug in your car. Yeah, a little research later it turns out car batteries put out around 12V. That’ll gently warm a pop-tart if you don’t mind waiting a couple of hours. So I haven’t solved this problem as well as I would have liked, but we’re getting there.

If you ever need to bug out and hunker down you can throw a bag of rice, a bag of dried beans, a cooking pot, and a bottle of multivitamins in your trunk. That’ll keep you for a couple of weeks, if need be. Far longer than you need to adapt and make a plan (1-2 days). It won’t be much fun, but we’re preparing for extreme disaster-type emergencies here. You can buy rice and beans for spare change. But don’t kid yourself about needing multivitamins.

If you’re wondering, the multivitamins temporarily stand in for fresh fruits and veggies. (You should be taking them anyway.) Don’t get sick, it sucks in peacetime and kills as many people in wartime as people do.

Water is even more important. There is no good reason you shouldn’t have a couple of extra gallons sitting around anyway, in case a main breaks or something. Plastic containers are better than nothing, regardless of the nasty chemicals that’ll leach into the water during prolonged storage. If you’re ever in a situation to need it, you won’t care.

Let’s face it, you’ll need a source of clean water after a couple of days. It’s too bad about all the water that’s just running around out there in creeks all over the place. In modern times, it’s just not safe to drink it all willy-nilly. You’re risking your health each time if you do. Fortunately, there are only two possibilities in a disaster: the utilities are down, or they aren’t. If they are down, you can find ways to get water. If they are down, you only have to outlast the majority.

Figure half a gallon per day, with no rationing. You can get by on a lot less. It’s expensive, but you can also get camping water filters to extend your period of independence.

This is pretty bare-bones stuff, but you get a lot of bang for your twenty-five bucks. At least a week of extra survival time. We’re nowhere near genuine prepper territory, the point is to buy time.


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