Predictions that were true in 2007

This is something I’ve noticed in the course of my own predictions. Anytime I predict that some cultural trend is about to happen, I later realize it’s already been happening…for years. But Roissy has always had his finger on the pulse of the nation, whereas I’ve only had a couple years’ practice:

1. The Cathedral suppression of truth will intensify as realization spreads among the true believers in the ranks that everything they’ve believed is a lie.


2. The ruling elite who are cynically aware of the truth but can’t escape their emotional attachment to their ideology or to status whoring on the backs of the wrong kinds of white people will encourage the lying as a tool of psychological and political warfare.


3. Slander, spying and sanitization will become the default actions of the liberal gatekeepers of discourse gaping ineffectually into the teeth of intractable social problems caused primarily by their own ideas and preferred policies.

The Leftoid Media Lie Machine

Good stuff. Number one began for truly with the rise of the web 2.0 and the elites perfected their chokehold on social media/networking/ideological mongering sometime around 2005-2006, for which Obama was a proof of concept.

Number two, proofs of concept: Richwine, Watson, Nyborg. First they came for the creationists, and I said nothing. This has been going on for a long time, but it came to perfection right around the time Joseph Farah started harping about Obama’s birth certificate. (They never got around to offing him, just the record-keepers in Hawaii. I kinda envy them their tactical playbooks.)

Do your own for number three, I’m bored. The gatekeepers can be summed up as media, entertainment, and academia, or New York, Los Angeles, and Cambridge (Massachusetts), respectively. Big Data is kinda like their new younger brother, and is well-described by Salt Lake City. New Puritania (Ctrl-F for “Mormon” in the article).


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5 Responses to Predictions that were true in 2007

  1. heaviside says:

    >First they came for the creationists, and I said nothing.

    Did they really come for them? It seems like the controversies over teaching creationism were one of the stupid fake political battles concocted to keep the Right from doing anything of real substance.

    Why was it called Intelligent Design in the first place? Because it was being sold as a scientific theory. Why was it being sold in such a disgracefully terrible way? (RULE NO 1: ALWAYS. BE. CLOSING.) Because the position of authority had already been ceded to the scientific establishment. They didn’t defend creationism on the grounds that the Bible said so and that’s the only thing that matters, they thought up all kinds of biochemical and archeological arguments, which, while they may be true, are irrelevant! The scientific establishment attacked them for not being scientific enough, and they bought into that frame. How can you beat the scientific establishment at looking scientific? How can you beat liberals at being liberal? What the Christians should have done is attacked academia for being unChristian, because once you have convinced enough people that that’s something worth being concerned about, you’ve already won.

    The science didn’t matter, it never mattered, it was a proxy for a culture war. Look, if a Christian theocracy took over the US, they could just officially propound Young Earth Creationism as a dogma and let orthodox evolution geology, and cosmology be taught as a useful fiction, the way Capitalism is treated in Communist China. Of course, Republicans could never do this because they are a bunch of sackless morons, sheeny jews, and slimy televangelists who don’t give a flying fuck about middle Americans.

    And you know who voted for Hitler? It was rural Protestants. And you know what Hitler knew? It’s that you never budge an inch, and that you cling to your dogmas with relentless fanaticism. And you know who he learned this from? The Christian church.

    Herr unser Herrscher, Heil unserm Fuehrer!

    Power comes from the purity of the will to bring sacrifices. And that may mean the will to sacrifice this world for the next one. If the true Christians remaining in this county want to win they must be ready to sacrifice their enemies, to do as God commanded Abraham, and cut down their countrymen. To paraphrase Uncle Wolf, what they lack in weapons, they will have to make up for in ruthlessness.

    • heaviside says:

      You get law in this life and justice in the next. If you desire the latter for your enemies, you should hasten their journey.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Well, desire’s one thing and my understanding is another. My desire is justice, and therefore hellfire, for everyone else. For some reason, I often prefer oblivion for myself (occasionally I’ll desire good things for myself). But these desires are my own, and my understanding of the situation raises a competing desire to suck up to the guy who dispenses the hellfire. He says not to worry about the justice part, so I’m not really supposed to try to help him with it. There’s no way I could even claim good intentions, as if that mattered.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Did they really come for them? It seems like the controversies over teaching creationism were one of the stupid fake political battles concocted to keep the Right from doing anything of real substance.

      Why fake a political battle when there are so many real ones to choose from? Control of the media is like control of stage lighting (in many respects). On a large stage with many actors you don’t need a screenplay, you just need to point the spotlight at the actors who just happen to be doing something you like.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I may have identified a blind spot in you. Please do not take it personally. Er, I mean badly.

      You seem to have the idea that ideologies, apart from their adherents and the dynamics of the great struggle for power, are interchangeable and dead letter. You believe they are given life by the reader. I believe this is due to your innermost melonhead value, which is that life is a play and you are a director. (I have decided that your parietal certainly dominates your occipital.) This may also come from the extreme self-consciousness that manifests alongside extreme intelligence. This is corpus callosum-style intelligence, rather than high forehead-style.

      The occipital conceives of ideologies as real things that exist apart from the humans who interpret them. The forehead conceives of them as statements, categories, sets, and subsets (the forehead tends to be a universalist, an athiest, and a material reductionist). Anyway, I think it is for this reason that you expect Duck Dynasty to come back. You still conceive of the ideological wars as something humans do because that”s what humans do.

      A little rambly, sorry.

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