Morning 1.0

At first I was just going from my bed to my chair and smacking at the keyboard until I needed to go to the bathroom. But this doesn’t work as well at bio level 3 because of the exercise-induced grogginess when you first wake up. There’s a small hump to get over. That’s fine, because level 3 comes with extra willpower to waste. I no longer need to design a process to avoid wasting willpower on getting out of bed. Gerunds!

  1. Wake up
  2. Check time
  3. If you slept less than 8 hours, or you feel insufficiently enthused about your personal time, go back to sleep
  4. Otherwise, get up and put the kettle on (5 min timer)
  5. Go to the bathroom
  6. Drink water
  7. Prep french press for coffee (between this and the next step the water will boil)
  8. Scramble four eggs with olive oil (liberal) and sliced mushrooms (add Frank’s Red Hot and bleu cheese dressing, trust me on this)
  9. Pour water into french press (this coffee is for work and tomorrow morning)
  10. Clean pan and spatula
  11. Take eggs, water bottle, and thermos (morning coffee) to your Command Center Reclining Chair (TM) and commence…whatever it is you care about

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Maybe do this later?
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