How to be on time for work and stuff

It’s against my principles to go to work early or stay late. It’s also against my principles to be late for work. Hmm…remember this from the previous post?

…K, T, Int, 1930 W, T, Z

Anytime there’s a scheduled event preceded by a ‘T’ (transit), I put in an “Int” for interstice, or interim, or whatever. This is something I adapted from an observation of Minnesotans…rant:

These retards will show up early to everything by at least half an hour, and usually more like an hour or more. Often, they will pass the remaining time by socializing, diddling with their phones, or (I shit you not) just sitting in their cars staring at nothing. Really, I shit you not, you see them in parking lots everywhere in the summer. If they’ve showed up early for work, they will either start working off the clock or complain about how they wish they could be on the clock (after which they will complain about how much longer they have to work).

At least I kinda understood people in Michigan. These Minnesotans are a passive-aggressive acid trip. /rant

Still, they’re never late for stuff. Never being late for stuff is a good thing. The adaptation for introverts with two synapses to rub together is to go somewhere relaxing within walking distance and read a book. Coffeeplace, McDonald’s, park, whatever. Shoot for a period between half an hour and an hour before your appointment. This oughta take care of most of the problems that can occur between getting off your ass and walking in the door: car troubles, traffic, losing your keys (or shoes, in my case), etc. There are very few things that can go wrong when you’re awake, showered, dressed and otherwise prepared, and walking from A to B in two minutes.

Set an alarm in case the book gets a little too engaging. If you have two appointments that are so close together you can’t schedule an “Int” period, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Nowadays I always walk in to work just barely on time. The bosses complain at first (on time is late), but once they realize you’re dependable they stop pushing you for free labor and lowered SSMV (showing up early is Beta, showing up late is Alpha…but I’m not Alpha).

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4 Responses to How to be on time for work and stuff

  1. zeke says:

    When I mentioned my number of books read to a couple of people, they were amazed. They believed that I just sit around reading for hours in my off time, which is very rare. The vast majority of people just don’t plan their time right (or at all) and end up as zombies sitting in cars.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, there’s that, and there’s a difference in fundamental values. Extraverts are a strange bunch. They want life to be an Apple product that “just works” without any understanding, so why seek understanding? They value the experience so much that they lose out on the wonder and instinctive praise that accompany wisdom.

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