Less coffee

I’ve been getting a little out of control with the stuff, as in 70 oz. per day. 40 oz. is the upper limit on what’s healthy. But drawing down an addiction isn’t easy. Here’s my plan:

  • Two cups to start the morning funtime, no problem (a “cup” is a lidfull from my thermos, ~8 oz.).
  • After that, I can’t have another cup until I’ve had 10 oz. of water, a cup of green tea, and a stick of gum.
  • Keep the old rules for sleepytime: no coffee 10 hours before bed (5 hours from bedtime if I’m working 3rd shift), 35 oz. per day max.
  • No bad coffee. Bad coffee is a sin.

Funny thing happened that I should have seen coming- last night I accidentally slept fourteen hours. This has always happened in the past when I’ve given up coffee for a short spell, but I didn’t think it would be so bad if I drew down from 70 oz. to 30 oz. Good thing this was one of my days for sleeping in. Still, new rule:

  • No sleeping during coffee detox without setting alarms!

I also note that coffee is a reliable habit trigger for me, which has been forcing me to keep hydrated. Green tea is also good for ya. The new regimen combined with my nighty-night routine has resulted in better sleep and more intense dreaming, probably due to the honey in my milk, the alkalinity of the baking soda, the theanine in the green tea, and the exercise regimen.

Coffee isn’t so bad as long as you’re hydrated and you keep your PH balance relatively sane. But it takes about 1/3 of your daily intake to even get you going, which means three cups if you’re doing 70 oz./day. That’s unsustainable, even if the S doesn’t HTF. (Note: if you’re hydrating and drinking coffee you also have to keep an eye on your salt intake.)

(Yeah, I was inspired to do this by the SHTF planning. Endgame is 24 oz./day, two in the morning and one in the afternoon.)


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2 Responses to Less coffee

  1. zeke says:

    I did this once and it turned out surprisingly well. Drops the acidity among the many other benefits. I didn’t stick to it since it’s “nipple-stand cold” outside, but I think I’ll return when it warms up (nipple-sag warm).

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