Macro organization (still in alpha)

I can’t remember exactly what specifications I’d set for myself when I designed this, but it was something like this:

  • Technology-independence (works with pen and paper or a computer)
  • Modification-friendly (Unix philosophy of the interconnectedness of many small tools, always be hacking)
  • Minimum quotidian cost (time and willpower)
  • Ease of use leading to enjoyment
  • Occipital-style processing model (nonlinear, stochastic)
  • Resilience- that is, as soon as I get something going it seems I either crash my computer or lose my notebook

Ah, that reminds me. My primary original goal was to create an organization style for people with big occipitals and low conscientiousness. That was the vision, the rest are ordinary design specs.

Here’s what a bare minimum daily entry looks like (today’s plan):

A, Up, BS-e, T-c, Ex, T, H, K, T, Int, W, T, Z

Each of these refers to a habit chain or a dedicated block of time, or something in between. “A” is the morning routine I described in the previous post, right before uptime (“Up”). Z is the nighty-night routine, which has proven to be very successful.

Hyphens show “flags” that have to be defined elsewhere. Typically, the default flag is “A”. This is the default daily routine, and can be omitted. “B” is usually the big version of a routine, which often falls on weekends (H-B is the big hygiene block. which includes buzzing my hair and beard with clippers, fingernails, toenails, etc.). “C”, as in Cs get degrees, is the minimum possible routine for daily maintenance (its definition must include an estimated costs of each usage). “E” denotes an exception that I haven’t bothered to define, “e” denotes a small exception.

Ya know, hopefully I’ll get around to explaining all these decisions. But for now, the definition is a good start.

These blocks have fluid timings, but modern life is designed otherwise. Sometimes you have to do certain things at certain times. For instance, I have to work at 7:30pm tonight. I left this out because it’s so routine that I don’t need to remember it…otherwise it’d be included in the plan:

…K, T, Int, 1930 W, T, Z


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