Possible K-selection mechanism for Ashkenazim

Crude, but effective. Maybe this is how European Jews achieved such startling IQ gains in just a few centuries (or not-Jews, depending on your flavor of conspiracy theories).

Can you even imagine the widespread outrage if Haruhiko Kuroda of the Bank of Japan was appointed to the Fed and he promptly began sending billions of dollars to Japan? Or if Zhou Xiaochuan of the People’s Bank of China was named vice chairman and he subsequently began repaying US debt to China in gold and advanced weapons technology? Now keep in mind that Stanley Fischer is already guilty of literally giving billions to Israel!


Now, let’s preemptively deal with the usual reaction. Are you tempted to call my position antisemitic? That’s not merely incorrect, that’s totally insane. Do you truly not see where this is leading? For the love of the God of Old Testament and New, the reason I’m speaking out against this is precisely because I don’t wish to see an American holocaust. I don’t want the children of my Jewish friends being made the scapegoat in reaction to the dreadful behavior of an insatiable, unconscionable elite. What is sickening, what is ominous, what is materially antisemitic is what the federal government has done by permitting Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and Fischer to financially rape the American people.

Vox Day

What happened to “never again”?

Hmm, elites. I’ve heard that word before.

Consider that the Ashkenazi Jews have been pulling these stunts for a long time. They eventually get purged from whichever country had originally taken them in, and often violently. As Vox notes, the smart ones who are actually responsible for the parasitic behavior usually jump ship before the various pogroms begin, leaving their distant relatives (or not) to bear the backlash (suckers!).

This is an extreme form of selection, every few generations or so. (It looks like they’re gearing up for the next one, so hold on to your hats.) And without fail it selects for Jews with the smarts to take over each successive economy, and the foresight and the money to be constantly globe-hopping (both of which probably correlate with smarts- “elites”, remember?). The Jews who don’t get with the program instead get stuck in some backwater country with curly hair and a lot of angry natives who just lost their houses.

Speaking of curly hair, I’m from the camp that thinks Ashkenazim aren’t Jews. I mean, they don’t even look like ’em. And I think if they were in India they’d be calling themselves Greeks, and in China they’d be passing themselves of as Han Chinese (except the Chinese have more sense than Indo-euro people), or whatever is the highly favored tribe of the regional tradition.


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4 Responses to Possible K-selection mechanism for Ashkenazim

  1. edenismstudy says:

    I think you’re on to something. Very nice theory. When the next purging happens, then, all it will do is create a new generation of even smarter and more dangerous Jews. Here’s something else that might interest you: http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?16079-Reduced-Armenids-Their-Traits-and-History-Particularly-in-the-Jewish-People

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