Here we go again…

Where have I heard this before?

Diversifying the tech industry is a prominent topic these days, with much analysis being done on colleges and companies that employ software engineers. But exam data shows the gap is created much earlier — it’s almost overwhelming even before kids get out of high school.

Slashdot summary by anonymous
Tech’s Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

Maybe it’s because they haven’t heard enough words from their parents before entering pre-K. Uh, techie words I mean. The solution always seems to be universal pre-pre-K. Or pre-pre-pre-K. Eventually we’ll be cutting them from the womb to avoid inequalities in prenatal nutrition. You think that’s hyperbole? Post-scarcity can support a lot of nonsense before civilization collapses.

Also, every child should know how to code. The future is a divers childe haxxing social media apps with trochaic names inspired by fart noises. Like SqueeBoX. That one’s free.

I can write the rest of the summary without doing any research. Some people are dumb. I’m sharing a martial arts class with a retard (guess the race!) who can’t understand simple directions. “Put your left hand on his hip. His hip. Put this hand here. Now try it. Put it here. See where I’m pointing?” It’s okay guys, there are worse things than being dumb. Hell, I can reasonably be described as handicapped myself.


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