Autism/Asperger’s is a real thing, but not the only thing


A comment on Vox Popoli:

The DSM-V basically got rid of “Asperger’s” as a diagnosis, insisting that it is a form of high-functioning autism. This is because modern scientists hate knowledge, and prefer to stir everything together into a grey sludge.

It is a ridiculous decision, pushed by interest groups. Asperger’s is characterised by timely language development. This is not a small difference. It is as if an interest group of doctors claimed that the flu is a mild case of AIDS. Otherwise, we’d have to admit that Somalis are different from white Minnesotans.

Normal stuff out of the way, some thoughts from the far side of the internet…

I’ve come to the conclusion, personally, that neanderthal theory is not describing “aspies” as we know them, but rather a group different breeds altogother. These groups are often aspie-like, but I think the simularities stem from a simple distinction: they are bright and have failed to adapt to this by learning to “act normal”. For instance, they often prefer to communicate precisely, which often entails big words. But ordinary people use big words to show off. Therefore, bright people who are acting naturally appear to always be showing off unless they curtail themselves into vagueness and handwaving half-sense like ordinary people. But at least ordinary people would enjoy being around them (racial hatreds aside for the time being).

Particularly, the phrenology doesn’t match up. Aspie facial morphs actually look a little repulsive to me, and I’m an archetypal case for Koanic and Tex’s theory. They are feminized, broad, and somewhat pugnacious. None of these descriptions fit the theory. Modern aspies also tend to have vertical foreheads and shallow eye sockets.

So what we’re seeing is a small segment of the population showing a large number of variations, who are all dysfunctional by nature and either adapt or do not adapt to “normal”. This indicates a large number of dwindling high-IQ races getting squished into the right end of the bell curve by the overwhelming hordes of neurotypicals. Which is to say, stupids. This would not be possible except for the advent of agricultural post-scarcity.


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2 Responses to Autism/Asperger’s is a real thing, but not the only thing

  1. edenismstudy says:

    I always found it odd that some people claim Asperger’s is over-diagnosed, while some claim the opposite. I think this means that pretty much all true Aspies are diagnosed, while some standard Thals are as well. Some people want to include all Thals, while others recognize the distinction. My dad recently told me that I was given a cursory diagnosis of Asperger’s at age 4, but in the end they decided that I didn’t warrant a full diagnosis. Later on, I was talking with my aunt, who believed that I absolutely have it and that it was probably caused by vaccines. That, I’m not so sure of.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Basically the same story in my case. I’ll have to get some details about my birth from my parents, because I was apparently sick out of the gate. Then the vaccine schedule probably fucked me.

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