Population density wrt k-selection

The other issues with high rises are traffic and that American white people don’t breed in them. They are like zoo creatures — to get them to reproduce, you need to take them out of small cages and put them in big enclosures.

Steve Sailer

This is the most important insight I’ve read so far this year, with important implications for edenism, politics, and history.

Sailer is always quoting Benjamin Franklin as saying that the cause for American success was the abundance of cheap land. And yeah, it used to be kind of a thing for Americans to have big families. Only rural American homeschoolers are keeping this tradition (and the GOP) alive. Because they’re rural? They’re certainly white. When you urbanize whites they get all passive-aggressive, start paying close attention to local politics, and start thinking about real estate and which parts of town are “nicer”. Hrmhrmhrm.

R-selected environments are those where your survival strategy depends on navigating the social millieu. Blacks reproduce at a high rate in population-dense areas. In K-selected environments you have to survive your natural environment. Whites reproduce at a high(er) rate in low-density areas. This is because “nature” is an environment in which they are genetically equipped to survive and prosper.

Some whites will always feel the urge to move farther and farther away from cities and population centers. Now, we’re all mixed at this point (minus the 100% Africans). So we have different population densities that we instinctively prefer. Some people would probably enjoy being shoulder-to-shoulder all the time, like in ye locale club (sluts and the Chinese come to mind). Personally, I think I’d like having neighbors within walking distance but not shouting distance. Maybe give ’em a ring if you’re planning to do some shooting in the back yard, just to save ’em the trouble of wondering.

So I want to get by with just a little help from my friends (and therefore the specialization effects of interdependence), but not a lot of help. I’m pretty far out on the k-selection end of the bell curve. This is as opposed to Africans, Chinese, sluts, Lebonese (et al) who believe they deserve as much of everyone’s help as they can swindle.

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13 Responses to Population density wrt k-selection

  1. heaviside says:

    Now you know why Hitler made concerted efforts to keep youth in the countryside. How many leaders of nations facing demographic decline today are so prudent(fuck you Shinzo Abe and your shitty collaborationist government)?

    Lebensraum and the extermination of the filthy slavs making more sense now, isn’t it?

    >This is as opposed to Africans, Chinese, sluts, Lebonese (et al) who believe they deserve as much of everyone’s help as they can swindle.

    We just need to feed whites enough racial hatred that they are willing to get as much as they can take from others, but not each other.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Sounds like Hitler had the right policy at the right time. Extermination only makes sense when you’ve been supporting and subsidizing a population for a long time. Just cut off the subsidies and birth-survival rates magically fall.

      Another exception is when you’re conquering someone else’s territory. As I explained in the NH, this has a lot of biblical precedent. Some peoples need to be wiped out, and some can be successfully assimilated if you destroy their cultures, kill their menfolk, take their women and children as wives and slaves, and displace them.

      Shinzo Abe could be called an honorary Jew, but I suppose it’s recently been an Asian tendency to take a Western idea and beat their populations to death with it. We can also observe that economists are not the learning type.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Just right, except nobody thinks twice about shots fired. Sometimes vacationers call in, but the Sheriff says, “So?!” My range is cleared out to 150, so far.

    If you want to check it out, you’d be welcome.

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