Beyond the pale

I don’t know who this Taleb kid is, but he’s inspired me to stock up on hardcopy books.

Statistician and author Nassim Taleb has a suggestion for scientific researchers: stop trying to use standard deviations in your work. He says it’s misunderstood more often than not, and also not the best tool for its purpose. Taleb thinks researchers should use mean deviation instead. ‘It is all due to a historical accident: in 1893, the great Karl Pearson introduced the term “standard deviation” for what had been known as “root mean square error.” The confusion started then: people thought it meant mean deviation. The idea stuck: every time a newspaper has attempted to clarify the concept of market “volatility”, it defined it verbally as mean deviation yet produced the numerical measure of the (higher) standard deviation. But it is not just journalists who fall for the mistake: I recall seeing official documents from the department of commerce and the Federal Reserve partaking of the conflation, even regulators in statements on market volatility. What is worse, Goldstein and I found that a high number of data scientists (many with PhDs) also get confused in real life.’

Slashdot summary by anonymous
Why Standard Deviation Should Be Retired From Scientific Use

How long can agricultural post-scarcity support this sort of thing? I wish I could think of an estimate. Fortunately, Minneapolis is already on fire, and good riddance.

Three “youths” jumped a young white dude at the front door of my workplace last night. I had to go break it up, as usual, because everyone else in the world is apparently useless when SHTF. It’s going to be very hard to be sorry for them when the big winter hits. Tex was right, Tex was right, Tex was always right and never wrong…

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8 Responses to Beyond the pale

  1. heaviside says:

    Jesus fuckin Christ, that Gates of Vienna guy, doesn’t he get it? Bill Ayers founded the fucking Weather Underground, do the Democrats say he’s a useful idiot for the Republicans to exploit? No! Breivik blows up government buildings, and he goes to prison. Ayers blows up government buildings, and he goes to the University of Chicago. Do Democrats fall over themselves apologizing for him, calling him a dangerous nutcase? No! They called Bush a right-wing extremist, but did he have ties to Bruder Schweigen?

    No enemies to my right! Breivik is a hero, even if he is crazy. We NEED crazies to blow people up who disagree with us. Mudslimes oughta be afraid to draw cartoons of Jesus!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Most Republicans pride themselves on their lawfulness. This is mostly because many of them became successful by working hard and following the rules. Therefore, they deserve success. You would have to pierce this fantasy, which is just as well to me because it is a spiritually corrosive attitude.

      • heaviside says:


        1: Failure of the institutions within which middle-class existence is defined (professional careers at large companies, college education, marriage, retirement, law and order)

        2: Narcissistic rage: “How dare they betray me! I did all the right things! Where’s my American dream?”

        3: The marriage of Hyper-Calvinist radical Protestant attitudes to National Socialism.

        4: An attempt by TPTB to co-opt or buy out the National Socialists.

        5: Sticking their hands in that tar baby, they find themselves co-opted.

        6: Capture of the institutions.

        It’ll be the greatest start-up in the history of the world.

        Proud to be an amerikleinburger. We are the elect, everyone else is scum.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    That outline looks good to me. You’ll probably succeed. How’s your charisma coming along?

    The Mein Kampf thing is a little surprising. Maybe this is because I’m used to lefty radicalism, but I would have expected a thinly veiled rewrite with a different title.

    • heaviside says:

      Lefty radicalism doesn’t really appeal to people anymore. It all seems a little tired, hollow, and played out. Unlike them, they know we really WOULD kill people if we had our way. In the mythical struggle between the Left and the Right(the real Right), they see the Left all around them, and it sucks. On the other hand, there is almost no Right around to observe, outside of the hi-STORY books, so the Right takes on a mythical character, because people only hear about it in myth. There is no figure in any field of human activity, whose name is as pregnant with emotional power as Hitler’s. They have no God to our Devil.

      They see mundane problems are piling up all around them. Do you know what they will do? They will choose to create mythical problems to distract them from mundane ones. Not, “I may be a nazi but at least I’m not unemployed,” but, “At least if I’m scared of nazis, I won’t have time to worry about being unemployed.” The media will play right into our hands: “You may be unemployed but EBILNAZIS HITLERHITLERHITLERHITLERHITLER!” Victory will be secured once people start saying, “I may be unemployed, but at least other people fear me because I’m a nazi.” Of course, once we’re in charge, not even the hangmen will be unemployed.

      Oh, those poor jews, they worked so hard to make our crimes “unique”, but that will work against them when people feel they deserve a better class of criminal. Needless to say, the blood will flow good and long.


      I’ve always been of the “America, fuck yeah” persuasion.

      We are already ultra-Calvinists, where designated victim groups are considered part of an elect that can do no wrong, and white cishet males can do no right. What we aim to do is affect a figure-ground reversal, a collective Falling Down moment, sort of.

      Of course, we want it to turn out a little better than that.

      Why do I reference films so much? Because every public event in American life is a film. Film, the injection of images straight into the unconscious, like food shot into the rectum without need of digestion, reveals our deepest unconscious fantasies, our primordial ideologies. What it reveals? That Hitler is the end of our most secret wishes, furtive hopes, and dreams deferred.

      We aim to make the greatest film in American history, the film to end all films, the film to end the world. A film that everyone can be a part of! Kunst das Volk, Art for the People! What could be more democratic? The customer is always right.

    • heaviside says:

      That was supposed to start at t=1m15s.

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