K-selection in modeling

I believe Green’s study of tomboys eventually came up with the common sense finding that not all that many tomboy girls grow up to be lesbians, but a lot of lesbians were tomboys as girls. The number of models, actresses, and other glamor girls who tell interviewers they were tomboys as adolescents is noticeably high. My guess would be that long legs correlate with success in modeling, and long legs correlate with delayed puberty because girls typically stop getting taller around puberty.

Translated into edenist gibbering, this basically means that k-selected females are more likely to become models. That’s assuming Steve’s right about the growth thing. Anyway, this supports my hypothesis that k-selection tends to produce a population that is, in the main, 1) feminine-looking and 2) masculine-brainy/strong, aside from greater sexual dimorphism.

(My sleep and routines are out of phase, so I might be getting the logic wrong.)

Taking this theory to its logical conclusion, we’d expect very (naturally) smart men to also be very strong and prettier/more delicate-looking than average men (but not to the extent they’d look female, due to sexual dimorphism).

Hrm, I’m always frustrated when I try to concisely express a statistical idea in words. Heaviside says I should draw pictures instead. That’ll be easier if I formulate the idea, which I should do anyway.

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  1. heaviside says:

    I didn’t notice you having any trouble writing this post.

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