K-selected dimorphism theory

Forgot that my description of this was in the NH, and nowhere to be found on the blergh.

I’m thinking that K-selection produces both feminine appearance and high sexual dimorphism at the same time. That means thal environments (and selected melon environments) become whiter over time and their faces become more symmetrical. I don’t have any reasoning to support this, but it does seem to fit all of the facts. Maybe the line of reasoning will become more apparent later on (something about selective selection and sexual repression and all that).

The feminine appearance traits become more prominent, whereas masculine mental and physical traits become more prominent. So you get a population that is, in general, white, facially symmetrical, smart, athletic, and strong. In particular, the women will be far prettier than the men (somewhat prettier than average) and the men will be far stronger and smarter than the women (who are somewhat stronger and smarter than average).

Glenn commented that facial symmetry is not a feminine trait because men with symmetrical faces are also better looking. I think he’s wrong because men’s looks don’t matter in their sexual selection (particularly in a k-selection environment, what with paternal investment).


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