“Assume nature”

Example of the inspiration-to-post thing I mentioned in the previous post.

…the dominant mindset in the second half of the 20th Century, one which still reigns implicitly on almost all parts of campuses other than those explicitly dealing with genetics, was that the burden of proof was on advocates of any role for nature.

Steve Sailer
Sapolsky: Nature and Nurture are obsolete

For efficiency’s sake, I think the proper perspective would be to assume nature until the effects of nurture are convincing. Changing the environment always requires effort, which we should assume will be wasted unless it is well-directed.

In our lives, and again for efficiency’s sake, I think we can adopt a similar posture. I should assume that my history, present situation and lifestyle are unfailingly determined by my genetic nature until a lifestyle experiment convinces me otherwise. (These experiments are informed by philosophical models, such as edenism.)

Therefore the design principle/koan thingie, “assume nature”.

The problem is that this is a slow-moving, linear paradigm, whereas my actual improvements have been the result of very disorganized, slapdash changes all at once which I kept and discarded according to intuition. Is it possible to design my organization system in a way that allows me to effortlessly perform many of these experiments at once?

Maybe I should continue to outsource this function to the intuitions of my occipital lobe.

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2 Responses to “Assume nature”

  1. panjoomby says:

    i like your “assume nature” idea – one’s best first guess is almost always biology – mentioned to a friend today the longer lifespan of hispanics even when poor – she wondered why that was – i said “biology” but if i had read your post first i would’ve said “assume nature!”™ :)

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