Fair’s fair

It seems Duck Dynasty is running another season on A&E. So I made a bad prediction. This doesn’t necessarily mean I diagnosed the problem incorrectly, but it certainly suggests that I failed to comprehend the situation. Tsk tsk.

They seem to be doing poorly in the ratings, which suggests a reproducible leftist attack strategy that was probably not intentional in this case: Once goodthink is well-established, boycott/fire a popularity-based entertainer or company for badthink -> stoke the right v. left controversy that results -> end boycott/rehire with severely reduced fanbase to pretend that your decision wasn’t ideological -> acquire company/fire entertainer again for low sales/ratings. This way, you can use your money and friends in high places to pursue your ideology and pretend it was all for money, effectively hiding your ideological conspiracies behind the facade of capitalism and complexity. (This assumes you are on the side of goodthink and unconcerned with free expression.)

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

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2 Responses to Fair’s fair

  1. heaviside says:

    Have you ever seen Network?

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