Really need to fix this method up a bit

This is quite the little joke. Someone put a lot of effort into this parody NSA site.

My favorite quote:

We are Americans first, last, and always. We treasure the U.S. Constitution and understand that a spirited debate is often a necessary precursor to acceptance.

Why yes, it seems that I am keeping the long, rambly sort of blogging format for the time being. It seems to help me stay in the flow of putting many thoughts down. There seems to be an effect on the quality, so I’ll have to put some thought into doing a tier-2 blog as well.

My hypothesis on homosexuality-as-fetish does not preclude Doompony’s hypothesis that neanderthal gays arose as a further-specialized “third sex”. In fact, it seems clear that homosexuality does not come from one particular forerunner race, because it shows up in all of them. It’s entirely possible that it has several possible causes, each of which may be a sufficient cause. So you can be gay due to a fetish, a germ, or genetics, or a combination.

An unexpected prediction of biased dimorphism is that artificial insemination might be a good thing in the very long run, and medical science that raises the chances of surviving birth might be a bad thing.

I’m quite sure women are requesting sperm from men darker than themselves, but I’d be curious to know how many white women are requesting black men’s sperm. Seems low-class mulatto babies are more due to momentary pleasure rather than hypergamy proper.

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