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K-selected dimorphism theory

Forgot that my description of this was in the NH, and nowhere to be found on the blergh. I’m thinking that K-selection produces both feminine appearance and high sexual dimorphism at the same time. That means thal environments (and selected … Continue reading

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K-selection in modeling

I believe Green’s study of tomboys eventually came up with the common sense finding that not all that many tomboy girls grow up to be lesbians, but a lot of lesbians were tomboys as girls. The number of models, actresses, … Continue reading

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A quick summary of my internal model of the brain

I’m running out of time before work, so I gotta be quick. Apologies. I’m of the opinion that Spearman’s g is the most important indicator of any sort of intelligence up to about the 95th-99th percentile. A person with a … Continue reading

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Psycholinguistic access to different processing styles?

It may be possible to devise a system for this, given proper inspiration and dedication. When I write about different processing styles for different parts of the brain, it is with the understanding that we all have a little parietal, … Continue reading

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Why they hate knowledge

Modern scientists and academics, of course. I was inspired to this possibility by Steve Sailer, who noticed that some PhD at Stanford is trying to purge nature/nurture from the vocab. You notice how the phrase “nature or nurture” is now … Continue reading

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Beyond the pale

I don’t know who this Taleb kid is, but he’s inspired me to stock up on hardcopy books. Statistician and author Nassim Taleb has a suggestion for scientific researchers: stop trying to use standard deviations in your work. He says … Continue reading

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Banana Glee

If you’re planning to kidnap and murder someone, you might want to track their movements. But private detectives are expensive, and then you have to have them killed, and you get this ridiculous Russian doll situation. Instead, attach a GPS-enabled … Continue reading

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Population density wrt k-selection

The other issues with high rises are traffic and that American white people don’t breed in them. They are like zoo creatures — to get them to reproduce, you need to take them out of small cages and put them … Continue reading

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Autism/Asperger’s is a real thing, but not the only thing

Probably. A comment on Vox Popoli: The DSM-V basically got rid of “Asperger’s” as a diagnosis, insisting that it is a form of high-functioning autism. This is because modern scientists hate knowledge, and prefer to stir everything together into a … Continue reading

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No, I don’t have children, why do you ask?

Now that I’m riffing aimlessly about nature/nurture, here’s a related theory about parenting inspired by Dr. Thompson: In a novel finding, Robert Plomin and colleagues suggest that negative aspects of parenting are more heritable than positive aspects. They call this … Continue reading

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