One too many pep talks

John C. Wright posted this Bill Whittle rant excoriating all of us for giving up our freedoms, etc, without a fight.

Listen punk: I’m a weirdo. I’ve been a weirdo my entire life. People don’t listen to weirdos.

I recently failed to convince my dad that “the ground is wet” over the course of two hours, even after putting my hand on the ground and showing him that it was wet. Did I persist for two hours because I’m a spergbot? No, it’s because the temperature was falling below 32 degrees and he was driving like a fucking moron. Each time we passed a wreck or a spin-out I would ask him to slow down. He refused.

You should how know this goes, Mr. Whittle, because you’re pretty bright. To everybody else, you’re just another tool. They consider it nice to have you around when the computer needs fixing, and a whiny pain in the ass whenever economics comes up.

If I can’t show my own flesh and blood a wet hand and convince him that the hand is wet, when his life and his children’s lives may depend on it, how the fuck do you expect my glorious rhetorical prowess to fare in the political arena? An ice cube in hell gets better odds in Vegas.

I’m different from other people. If they have the sense to recognize it, they maybe I should too.

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