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1 in 5 gay teens have used steroids. I’d guess this is mostly due to demand in their sexual marketplace, but keep in mind there are several types of gays. The hypermasculine type were gonna bulk up regardless of the sexual market. Many seem to have an autoerotic fascination with their own bodies, like women often do. The confused ones may have been trying to turn themselves straight. And let’s not forget these are teens. The gay teens are already pretty familiar with breaking social taboos, and are therefore more likely to be early drug users, etc.

Finished “The Devil Is a Part-Timer”. Starts funny, gets old quickly due to slow pacing between jokes. The music is pretty good and the action sequences are surprisingly intense. Entertaining, doesn’t rise to a recommendation.

Finished “Ouran Host Club”. I feel pretty gay for having enjoyed it so much. Not much of an aftertaste, it’s an ephemeral “cat videos” kind of enjoyment. Chick crack.

I have a working thesis for an edenism primer. The discussion at the NH has managed to avoid mentioning it (much less providing criticism), so I’m getting a little paranoid.

Mainstream research and the predictive power of physiognomy have vindicated the once-fringe theory of multiple contributors to the modern human genome.

Extreme beauty might also be modal, like extreme intelligence. That is, people who are very smart tend to have general intelligence and also be very skilled in particular ways (math, music, language, art), perhaps whilst unaccomplished in the other particulars. Similarly, extreme beauties might be divided into archetypes of beauty, rather than approaching a single ideal.

We see this in the other sexually selective masculine traits as well: athleticism and charisma. There are “types” of athleticism and charisma, along with the general traits. Athletes tend to be stronger and faster than your average Joe, but professional basketball players tend to stick to professional basketball.

I wonder whether it is possible to get in the habit of temporarily raising testosterone before a workout to increase mood, performance and adherence (not skipping stuff). My inclination is to think that watching UFC fights and street fights are the best way to do this without incurring any costs.

Porn might also work, but…well it’s just a bad idea.

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