Daily dump

Tex was right, Tex is always right.

Still, the gunslinger said the world will end in neither fire nor ice, but rather darkness, and I tend to agree.

Presumably, you’re also aware that the melonhead genome has finally been sequenced. Turns out the skulls aren’t from humans, but rather another hominid.

A curious note: they are apparently so distinct that they may not have been able to have children with modern humans. This may explain why modern nephilim are exceedingly rare if they exist at all. Tex claims they run the show from behind the scenes because they aren’t numerous enough to risk outward rule. Beware tall redheads with disturbingly high foreheads.

I mentioned to Doompony that they’re probably grinding their teeth about the infertility thing. Remember, passion precedes thought. These guys don’t like being in the shadows. What they like is to dominate and be worshipped and erect giant, sacrificial, pyramid-shaped altars to themselves. Exceedingly long life (200-900 years?) must only alleviate the sting a little bit.

Reorganizing the blogroll

I forgot to include a bunch of blogs on the first go-around, which may have rightly offended a person or two. Zeke in particular, whose only crime was to get married and stop posting.

So here’s the new way of doing it: daily blogs, weekly, and monthly. Depends on update frequency, defunct blogs go in the monthly category (for checkups).

Funny, I just realized this is a good example for one of the principles of my organization system.

Elijah Armstrong put up another interesting summary. I’ll have to pick that book up.

Finished “The Brothers Karamazov”. I really enjoyed the court scene, but I was a little dismayed to observe that both the prosecutor and the defense made such good cases that I was thoroughly convinced of the defendant’s guilt, and then thoroughly convinced of his innocence. I’m more gullible than I thought (not to mention vacuous!). Live and learn, I guess.

I’d recommend the book.

Finished the New Testament again, found particular enjoyment in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians this time around. The idea that Paul “hijacked” Christianity is so laughable that it leads me dangerously close to morbid despondency. Such facile heresies should not exist in a nation of educated people, which we are not.

As I have said before, Paul was not God. He was, on the other hand, an extremely smart and careful intellectual with first-hand knowledge of the early church and the gift of a personal revelation from God. Hence, we should not just keep his letters in the canon, but we should study them with the intensity we’d normally reserve for Euclid.

To extend the analogy, saying that Paul hijacked Christ’s message is a lot like saying Euclid hijacked Pythagoras’ message.

I don’t say “extremely smart” lightly, but with the knowledge of what the practice of a strict Pharisee required. Plus, Paul was apparently one of the “most promising” young boys among all the “people of the book”.

After the exile scribes, many of whom were Levites, had begun to replace priests as teachers. The most famous were Shammai, Hillel, and his grandson Gamaliel, under whom Paul studied. Some of these teachers started schools, called bet midrash, “house of study,” for promising boys who had completed elementary school.

Holman Bible Handbook

I want you to guess at the crystallized intelligence of a man who was among the top 0.01% of memorizers within a culture of memorizers.

The transformation in his life was revolutionary enough to give credibility to his revelation. See also: John C. Wright’s testimony.

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8 Responses to Daily dump

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Ja, if I had to guess I’d say the man was a bigmelon, probably MT. It certainly fits his fanaticism.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Surely you jest. This person seems to have exactly zero comprehension of the subject he’s commenting on. I really ought to shred this article, because I don’t think he makes a single true statement. Here are the first three sentences:

          >If there is a single fact which anyone who seriously studies the history of Christianity cannot help but be struck by, it is the almost complete absence of documents regarding the man whose name this great international religion bears — Jesus Christ.

          Incorrect. http://carm.org/non-biblical-accounts-new-testament-events-and-or-people

          This list obviously excludes the four canonical gospels and the various apocryphal gospels.

          >We know of him only what is told to us in the New Testament gospels, that is, practically nothing; for these books, though prolix in their descriptions of miraculous facts relating to him, do not give any information about his person and, in particular, about his origins.

          Laughable. How many historical figures can you name whose origin story starts with their genealogy, their place of birth, and an imperial census?

          These are extremely basic mistakes he’s making.

          >Oh, we do have, in one of the four canonical gospels, a long genealogy tracing his ancestry from Joseph, the husband of Jesus’ mother, all the way back to Adam!

          There are two genealogies in two canonical gospels. Hell, there’s even some controversy surrounding this that he completely missed.

          So you see, if this person had put half as much effort into his research as he did into his self-confidence and website design, I might be interested in his essays.

  1. heaviside says:

    >Beware tall redheads with disturbingly high foreheads.

    If I ever see one, I’ll catch her with a butterfly net and never let go.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    The central Minneapolis library has it. Why else should a population center exist except to furnish better libraries?

  3. Lizard King says:

    “Tex was right, Tex is always right.”

    I told you so…

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