Carousing, looking for trouble, or both, I wonder

TPTB are trying very hard to incite white terrorism because the response is ready for deployment. It’s like judo, you push and then use their momentum when they push back and it’s going to work because 100 million white men out there don’t know anything about judo.

And no, it’s not the national guard you have to worry about. The DHS has been doing these drills for years now.

The question, as always, is “why”? You may employ all of your carefully cultivated heuristics.

Oh yeah, and the symbolism has gone from mysterious to weird to mawkish:

Just so I’m clear, the implication of the logo…is that they respond to transdimensional horrors as well as radiation, chemical etc. Right? Or maybe it’s cuz they just so tough!

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2 Responses to Carousing, looking for trouble, or both, I wonder

  1. heaviside says:

    Our right to own CBRN weapons is protected by the Second Amendment. When I was a libertarian I had a hard time understanding why nobody else supported me in this opinion. How can we defend ourselves against the government without hydrogen bombs?

    When their logos are this stupid it can only be good news for us.

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