d/dt Height vs. R/k selection

Changes in height are a good proxy measure for R/k selection, given a well-defined population. Unsurprisingly, Americans are getting shorter. But “American” doesn’t mean what is used to, and tended to exclude 50 million 5-foot Mexicans with heavily native admixtures. (We might find upon investigation that white people in Massachusetts are getting slightly taller.)

This is only a reliable measure if the population is reasonably well-nourished. I’d describe this in terms of pure calorie intake to avoid overly complicating things, due to diminishing returns between the 2nd and 1st world lifestyles and the fact that most of this variation should vanish when we take the first derivative for height.

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2 Responses to d/dt Height vs. R/k selection

  1. panjoomby says:

    I had a very bright prof. back in grad school (at BYU!) in the early 1980s who pointed out the average height in the united states was headed downward – simply b/c hispanic population #s were headed upward. demographics help us make good predictions. as does IQ. this prof. periodically got in trouble with university administration for making correct but non-PC statements (this was slightly before the days of PC:) he was smart & he was honest. a dangerous & formidable combination… similar to you & Elijah!

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