I could still probably be called a libertarian, in the sense that I almost always support free enterprise and free association. But I think I’ll tabulate some typical flaws of libertarians and suggest improvements where I can:

  • Libertarians routinely commit the Sociologist’s Fallacy. No economic system should assume everyone can be even marginally productive.
  • Occasionally, libertarians overcorrect and become genius-worshipping humanists. They rarely take a proportionate position on human accomplishment, much less a nuanced one.
  • Libertarians frequently assume the major problems of human economy are systemic, ignoring morality, psychology, and family/inheritance/heritability. This was by design, but it is a bad design decision. For instance, a moral population will reliably outproduce an immoral population in a conspicuous way.
  • Libertarians are usually also utilitarians and materialists. It is a grave error in any system to choose axioms lightly and without a transcendental purpose in mind.

I believe the latter flaw is the reason that Christian civilizations tend to produce more art and beauty without somehow detracting from industry. Rather, the two wax and wane together (although we may not have enough history behind us to say for sure), suggesting they are both emergent from transcendental values and purposes.

The third flaw is very personal to me, as a self-described “outsider”. My primary desires are different from those of normal people, and I’ve identified this as my greatest source of dysfunction. Two examples:

  1. I’m handicapped as a son because my parents think I have similar desires to them and just haven’t realized it (status, money, sex, kids, house).
  2. I’m handicapped socially because I can’t be bothered to spend several hours per day keeping up on pop culture, making me appear to be either an eccentric or a dullard.

This is just a bad inputs, bad outputs problem. Again, this is by design, but it is a bad design decision. Who ever designed a piece of software to make use of all possible inputs? Overly general systems are reliably useless.

The first and second bullet points are two facets of the same problem, and libertarians’ failure to address the human element of economics has doomed the masses to accede to the fancies and whims of fascism. The fact is that many of the problems related to eugenics and dysgenics are soluble without murdering a bunch of people.

For instance, there is no right to reproduce (except in a post-wall cat lady’s dreams). Make welfare and charity contingent upon childlessness and the ghettos will disappear. Offer cash for voluntary sterilization, as they’re doing for meth head prostitutes out in California.

We don’t have to let this situation spiral out of control, but we will.

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6 Responses to Libertarianism

  1. edenismstudy says:

    I think the biggest problem with libertarianism is that when you give people rights, they must also have responsibility, and many people just can’t handle that responsibility. It’s very unfortunate that those of us who can handle it are denied our rights just because we happen to share the country with irresponsible idiots. However much I’d love to live in a libertarian society, I know it wouldn’t work out.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s an aspie holdover; libertarianism works for producer-heavy, civil populations. I think that’s why the libertarian party looks like a BYU class reunion.

  2. Wow. So much dense info here. Thanks aeoli.

  3. panjoomby says:

    “that’s why the libertarian party looks like a BYU class reunion.”
    spot on – spoken as a BYU grad & ex-LDS (science & history persuaded me it wasn’t true:) i’m libertarian-ish, except i’m for restricted borders, & i acknowledge the reality of psychometric intelligence – different populations are not interchangeable. other than that, legalize & tax everything:)

    i considered it a blow for freedom that after the FDA capriciously shut down the health info at — rogue websites opened up to upload your genetic info & give you the same health info that 23andme is currently not allowed to give. yeahh, freedom!

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