Thal recruitment (part 1)

In response to the particular question: How can a person deliberately design an online and/or social environment to attract high-IQ thals?

I’m going to narrow the audience a bit by defining high-IQ thals as those with both high-functioning frontal and occipital lobes. Most of a person’s IQ is based in the frontal lobe, whereas the occiput’s contribution to abstract reasoning seems to be relatively specialized. This means we will be passing over both high-IQ categorical thinkers with poor visuospatial skills and visuospatial geniuses who can’t write or reason aloud (not to be confused with so-called social skills).

Already we see indications of a problem. Such as these are highly sought by STEM employers and tend to be less dysfunctional due to their well-developed frontal lobes. If they are gainfully employed in STEM fields, they are probably too busy to be recruited, and likely have egos matching their high salaries. Attracting disillusioned, highly skilled thals from STEM jobs is a worthy enterprise in its own right, but I’ll pass over it for now.

We will instead focus on underemployed, underdeveloped talents. This focus is not without cause. Personally, these are the people I would rather help. Economically, these are the people whose energies can be harnessed with the least effort to yield the highest profit. (These thals are probably less individually profitable than the highly skilled, but the filtering process is much, much less time-consuming.) I will also be restricting the age range to thals in their twenties, which is a decision I’ll explain as I continue.

There are, roughly speaking, five phases in this strategy. This formula may be considered the most generally applicable portion of this post, and does not need to be adapted (much) for different sorts of recruiting.

1. Identify subcultures from which to skim these talented folks.
2. Offer something that will attract them due to their particular characteristics. (Bait the trap.)
3. Captivate and tame them. (Spring the trap.)
4. Sort these candidates from most promising to least, making a point to exclude the dross.
5. Add candidates to your enterprise, roughly from top to bottom, that will complement the strengths of the existing group.

In this last step, I am using the word “complement” in a technical way that I will explain later on.

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2 Responses to Thal recruitment (part 1)

  1. Good. Interesting. You make it sound manipulative though. The best motivator for me is solid values that I can buy into and the mindframe being expressed by this language could do with some work. In the time of the sociopath, you not being a sociopath is pretty damn valuable.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well hey, thanks (I think). :-P

      The criticism of tone is valid. I was figuring a little humor would serve as a mnemonic, but I suppose it’s already an emotional subject.

      We are agreed on the “best motivator”, if I understand you. I can’t remember if I’ve described the thal core values yet, but they seem to be family (as in “selfish gene”), ideology, and creativity (in service of the tribe).

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