Speculation: Eugenic bubble societies

This speculation was inspired by an economic consideration. If currency as we know it is backed by energy sources, and human social dynamics (as formalized by Goethe and others) can be perceived as “human chemistry”, then couldn’t we theoretically create a currency backed by the energy produced by the reactions of this human chemistry? And who’s to say this hasn’t already been done?

I’m becoming convinced of the existence of eugenic “bubble societies” that form naturally. No grasp yet on the typical size of these groups, but I think this is why extremely prodigious children (five sigma and up) are very, very disproportionately born to international parents (in the last century anyway). Further, these societies seem to be unconcerned to share their breeding and child-rearing methods with plebes like us. Even further, this would explain the preponderance of extreme geniuses at the one-in-a-billion level without resorting to the Flynn Effect (according to Mr. Armstrong’s “test-wise” hypothesis or otherwise).

The existence of these societies could explain a great deal of macro-level historical behavior. It would provide great evidence in favor of the conspiracy theory of history and perhaps explain the tendency of elites to lead the masses by the nose into these mass “sacrificial” events.

Edit: Here’s a useful link. These are just the ones we know about, and due to extreme dysfunction the highest level geniuses (175 and up) have a way of dropping off the map at a rate of 50% or so. Even if true genius IQ were highly environmental, we should not expect to see this many one-in-a-billion geniuses in a mere 500 years.

Edit 2: The statistics predict that people in the 220 range should not even exist (approximating that 100 billion people have ever walked the earth) and yet we have a fairly large pool of candidates, of whom Goethe, Sidis, Gauss, and Da Vinci are particularly robust candidates.

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4 Responses to Speculation: Eugenic bubble societies

  1. IQ distribution appears to have a fat tail. I think it’s perhaps how IQ is measured. From the highly intelligent people I’ve met in the 130 range there appear to be multiple ways and personality types of processing information between thals, melons, negroids, cromags and various mixtures in between and sub groups therein and personality types… Like Aeoli I think you process and manage information in a way that’s very different to me and I like that… But the what happens as these different processing styles begin to overlay on top of one another and harmonise?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with any theories or mental pictures for this yet. Which is extremely silly of me, because everybody has a buncha interconnected lobes in their brains. I’ve considered “dualbacks” (occipital bun plus bigmelon) somewhat, but the question is still very open.

      I’m still doing the heavy lifting in the area of psychological theory because Koanic isn’t back at full capacity yet. It’s a shame, because I plagiarize most of his observations for my theories, being less observant myself.

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